15 LinkedIn Tips for compelling company updates

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15 LinkedIn Tips to engage professionals to drive better results

LinkedIn has taken social networking and conveniently transformed it into business networking for professionals seeking to capitalize upon the widest possible reach, through the platform.

As of June 2013, LinkedIn has 225 million+ users in more than 200 countries. Less than two years after going public, LinkedIn’s value rose from $4 billion to over $18 billion, indicating the potential of the site. The network not only facilitates applicants to connect to a wide array of possible clients, but gives the user the freedom to boast of their skills and expertise; a chance that may have been snubbed if they’re never called in for an interview.

However, like any tool, LinkedIn can only help you if you know how to use it — and use it wisely. The infographic is a handy guide to enhance your LinkedIn profile. With an improvement in your profile content, you’ll notice that your profile ranking, searchability, and number of people viewing your profile will most likely increase.  The more visible you are, the more likely you’ll connect with the right network of professionals, potentially opening up more opportunities for you.

15 Tips LinkedIn
15 LinkedIn Tips to enhance professional careers
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