2017 Global Grad Show to Exhibit 200 Innovative Prototypes from 43 Countries

Global Grad Show
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Global Grad Show is annual exhibition of life-changing inventions from graduates of the world’s leading design and technology universities.

Held at Dubai Design District (d3), it is free for all to attend. 14-17 November | 10am – 9.30pm. 18 November | 10am – 7pm.

Global Grad Show provides an overview of what the world’s emerging designers are working on and a first glimpse at the technologies that will shape our future.

If you are a design enthusiast, this is a must-attend event to discover the most innovative projects from the world’s leading design schools.

Curated by renowned author and designer, Brendan McGetrick, 200 innovative projects from 91 universities in 40 countries have been selected from over 470 global entries. The selections will be presented at the Global Grad Show from 14-18 November, 2017 during Dubai Design Week.

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VIDEO: Global Grad Show 2017

Here’s the teaser video showing some amazing products which were started as student projects. Did you know that TV, X-ray, Solar Power, Seat belt, Refrigerator, Video games and even Snapchat were once upon a time student projects? Well, now you know!

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Examples of projects on view

  • All PET Shoe  a football boot made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, designed at ECAL/ University of Art and Design, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • The Loss of Words – an online platform that preserves the endangered languages, by documenting the languages Culture, Art and Literature, designed at The German University, New Cairo
  • Trabecular Tectonics – a lightweight architecture inspired by the structure of bones,  designed at the Politecnico, Milan
  •  Folks Kitchenware For The Blind– a system of kitchen utensils designed to aid the blind, designed at National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Out of sight drawer – a drawer that hides dangerous tools from dementia patients under a tray, which creates a false bottom to the drawer, designed at Pratt Institute, New York.
  • Kanga – a mobile resuscitation kit for newborns, designed at Umeå Institute of Design, Umea.
  • Bee2Bee – a mobile, lightweight and quick to assemble culture system for bees, designed at Offenbach University of Art & Design, Germany
  • Guma – a multipurpose rubber like substance made from waste objects and tires for use in shows, stools, etc., designed at Centro University, Mexico City
  • Scroll – a ring to control an everyday Augmented Reality, designed at the Royal College of Arts, London

McGetrick curated the projects based on his personal interpretation of design that emphasises four categories: innovation that transcends technology and exists independent of wealth; equality without hierarchy amongst universities, regions and designers; universal design open to all types of projects; and impact on the world at large through solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

“We organise Global Grad Show to be a celebration of beautiful ideas,” McGetrick explains. “it features projects that are designed to directly benefit social and environmental causes. By presenting a cross section of design programs from around the world, we try to demonstrate how the brightest young minds are designing the future. The variety of programs offers a unique view to the ways in which designers in different places, with different budgets, cultural contexts, and tools develop solutions to the problems and opportunities of our time.”

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