5 Cool Things to do at Dubai Airport [Photos]

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From a desert landing strip, to the world’s second busiest airport in a little more than 50 years – that’s what it makes Dubai Airport a stellar success.

Dubai airport is now the world’s top two busiest airports for international passengers and is set to overtake London Heathrow by 2015. Dubai airport serves more than 125 airlines flying to more than 260 destinations (pasengers + cargo) across six continents.

Following the opening of Concourse A in January 2013, the collective capacity of T1, T2, and T3 has increased from 60 million to 75 million passengers per annum.

Dubai is mainly a transit centre for air travel between East and West, as well as Europe and Africa. Therefore, if you are a Globe trotter, there’s a chance that you might transit via Dubai and so wish to explore the airport.

Now, Dubai Airport is no Singapore’s Changi Airport, which was rated by Business Traveller as the “Best Airport in the World” for 26 years in a row – when it comes to wide variety of attractions such as the five themed gardens, Kinetic Rain sculpture or the world’s tallest slide inside an airport. Nevertheless, here’s a list of top things to do at Dubai Airport.

Take a Plunge!

Cool off and rejuvenate in a swimming pool located right inside Dubai airport. For a small fee you will have access not only to the pool but a fully equipped gym, jacuzzi, sauna and shower facilities.

The G-Force state of the art health club is situated within the Dubai International Airport Hotel – located at level in Terminal 1 and on the Hotel Level 5 in Terminal 3.

The G-Force health club is fully equipped with resistance and cardio vascular machines, a swimming pool, individual male and female Saunas, Jacuzzi, Steam room and Massage rooms.

dubai airport swimming pool

To find out more or to book visit Dubai International Hotel, call + 9714 224 4000 or visit the reception areas  of the hotel located in each gate area.

Visit Dubai Airports Zen Gardens

Need a little peace and quiet or want to reconnect with nature? Visit Dubai Airports Zen Gardens, an indoor oasis where time stands still. Zen Gardens are located near gates B7 and B27.

Dubai airport zen garden
Two Zen Gardens form part of the unique design to create an oasis of calm within the busy airport environment.

Relax in a Snoozecube

Need a place to rest your weary head while waiting for your next flight? With Snoozecubes you can relax or sleep in a comfortable bed, knowing all along you will not miss your connecting flight. You will find the Snoozecubes next to gate C22 in Terminal 1 with 10 Snooze Cubes available for rent by the hour.

dubai airport snoozecube
Each of the SnoozeCube accommodation units contains a full-sized bed, a touch-screen television offering a selection of entertainment and music, as well as high speed internet access.

Each of the SnoozeCube accommodation units contains a full-sized bed, a touch-screen television offering a selection of entertainment and music, as well as high speed internet access. The units are also connected to the airport’s flight information system to ensure that passengers do not miss their flights.

Click here to find more information the Snoozecube.

Board your aircraft directly from the lounge

As a business or first class passenger flying from the Dubai International’s A gates, you will have the privilege of boarding directly from the lounges areas which span the length of the building.

dubai airport Direct-Boarding

Book into a five-star hotel without leaving the airport

If you are in Dubai International for an extended layover, Dubai International Hotel is definitely an option to try. The five star hotel has rooms conveniently place across the airport. The hotel not only has a range of luxurious rooms but provides access to several top-notch restaurants within the airport.

dubai intl airport hotel JUNIOR_SUITE

Do you know of any other fun stuff to do at Dubai airport? Please let us know in the comments and we will update the article!

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