5-minute ‘Rolls Royce’ of Fully Automatic Carwash Opens in Abu Dhabi

Express Auto Carwash Abu Dhabi
Express Auto Carwash Abu Dhabi
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Time is money at Express Auto Wash. Lauded as the ‘Rolls Royce of the fully automatic carwash’, Express Auto Wash has introduced the revolutionary car wash facility at Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi, promising efficient 5-minute car wash service, without queues most of the time.

Employing the latest state-of-the-art technology, the tunnel car wash is eco and environmentally friendly, with 95% of the carwash water recycled and all products used biodegradable.

Express Auto Wash (EAW) renowned for fast and efficient service partnered with MacNeil of North America, to bring customers premium automatic car wash facilities not seen before in this part of the world.

Matthew Jadali, the CEO of Express Auto Wash confirms that the environment-friendly facility has a 250-foot (80m) tunnel equipped with fifty-five kilometers of wire, piping and plumbing, allowing multiple cars to be washed simultaneously saving your valuable time.

Express Auto Wash, a pioneer of tunnel car washes in the UAE ensures 95% of the water is recycled and the facility hosts the most reliable and safest conveyor, MacNeil’s XR-1000 for fast service. The 360 ° high tech car wash systems with 48 high-pressure undercarriage water nozzles add to the efficiency of the wash.

“The customer experience is five-star quality, using MN Versa Arches, streamers, foamers and tire chemical applicators, washing all vehicle surfaces including the under-carriage, providing customers with an exceptional wash and rinse, while the MN Tech 21 Turbo Drying System completes the drying process.”

Cleanliness, professionalism, and passion is evident at Express Auto Wash on arrival, and as each car travels seamlessly along the automated belt through various stages of the car wash cycle. The fast and yet thorough clean saves corporate and private customers valuable time that can be spent more productively at home and in the office.

Added to that, the high quality microcellular closed-cell Envirosoft foam brushes from MacNeil allow faster line speeds and clean, quiet and safe operation. Express Auto Wash also offers touch-free car wash for the more delicate and premium cars.

EAW Carwash Menus

Express Gold basic exterior wash offers high Pressure Rinses, Pre-Soak, Wheel Clean, Undercarriage, Touch Free or basic car wash, Tri-Colour Foam, Lustra Wax, Rain Shield, Super Dryer and Hand Dry Finish.

Platinum Wash includes the basic Express Gold services in addition to full interior vacuum, dashboards and window cleaning.

Diamond Polishing Additional services include full car detailing, diamond body polishing and interior wet and dry cleaning.

Loyalty and Referral Programs

Express Auto Wash has a loyalty program that offers one free car wash after every ten washes. There is also a customer referral program where three new plate numbers of friends and family introduced to EAW gets the customer 15 free washes for one month.

Tuesday is ladies day with a 15% discount, while Corporates with over 50 cars, Express Auto Wash offers special packages and rates. First time visitors get a 15% discount while customers with special needs receive a 25% discount.

“Monthly memberships are available and if booked online, the automatic monthly payments are at 10% off,” the CEO adds.

EAW Carwash Prices

An Exterior Sedan wash costs AED 30/- and Exterior SUV costs AED 35/-. Extra Services include Mat-wash, Dashboard Polishing, interior and exterior car detailing, AC treatment as well as Bacteria and Odour removal in vehicles, for which a price list is posted on the EAW website.

EAW Carwash Location

EAW’s flagship carwash is located at Mushrif Mall, Airport Road, in the heart of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Use Google Maps to find us.


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