5 Reasons Why Mobile Phones are Becoming ‘Monsters’

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Smartphones are the new buzzword in today’s mobile market. Chances are that most people around you are using an iPhone, Blackberry or an Andriod-powered smartphone. It is incredible to see the number of mobiles in the market which are launched each day, each trying to outdo the other. People today change their phones like they would change their clothes. Exaggeration, it may seem, but our mobile phone today is like a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), and many people thank smartphones for making their lives easier.

Mobile enthusiasts and tech geeks congregated at The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week where they laid their eyes on Quad Core Processors, ultra high resolution screens and never seen before accessories for smartphones and tried some of the new applications that were launched during the show.

Everyone assembled there with the belief that both hardware and software companies are working tirelessly to make their lives easier and empowering them in a society obsessed with showing off wealth and power. Little did they realised the real truth behind these increasingly intelligent devices which are disempowering them and perilously encircling their lives. So much for empowering our devices, meant to grant us power, that many of us cannot imagine life without a phone.

The bitter truth behind this scenario is that we are slowly creating ‘monsters’ which are rapidly taking control of us due to our excessive addiction to mobile phones. Following are the five reasons why mobile phones are becoming monsters:


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While any kind of addiction is always unhealthy, mobile phones’ addiction could be termed one of the worst as we’ve excuses like work, family, friends – in fact our lives attached to it – which is very hard to give up on. As a result, many of us cannot envision a future without it and are ready to stay hooked to their devices at all costs.


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