5 Reasons why Windows 8 beats iOS and Android OS

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windows 8 logo
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Microsoft revealed its new Windows 8 recently by not just showing a glimpse of the new OS but also demonstrating that it can be the leader in touch-based user interface design. Many tech gurus believe it to be the most innovative and coolest application ever offered by the tech giant.

Despite the suggestions that some of the applications and features ‘unsurprisingly’ match with that offered by iOS and Android OS developed by Apple and Google respectively, the recent launch of Windows 8 has got many people talk about what exactly this new OS is set to offer.

Mentioned below are the 5 main reasons why you must consider Windows 8:


windows 8 picture password
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This picture password feature is quite fun and convenient enough compared to other system unlocking methods. All you need to do is to choose a photo for your lock screen, and then define three touch gestures to draw on top.

However, many security experts are pretty skeptical of the picture password details feature of Microsoft Windows 8. They insist that hackers would be able to figure out the gesture-based password that you leave on the display. Microsoft issued a denial statement on its blog saying: “Because the order of gestures, their direction, and location all matter, it makes the prospect of guessing the correct gesture set based on smudging very difficult even in the completely clean screen case, let alone on screen that sees regular touch use.”

The Redmond-based company also provided a mathematical explanation about why it preferred a picture-based password security over a PIN-code based one. Some independent security experts are of the opinion that the likelihood of someone being able to decipher your gesture-based password is next to none.

Apple uses four number passcodes in IOS, which are quite secure but not so innovative. On the other hand, Google is creative when it comes to unlocking security in its Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS.


easy gesture win 8 app
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The Easy Gesture app in Windows 8 is much more easy to use. A swipe from the left edge of the device will immediately pull up the last app you used. However, it is a natural gesture and one would rarely use this app.

Another attraction of this feature is that if you know you have a large number of apps open, you can simply swipe back and forth on the edge of the screen, and up pops a vertical array of preview windows revealing all your running programs. Furthermore, you can tap on a preview to jump to a specific app. This solution is easy and quick.

In iPad version of IOS 5, you will be given two strategies to jump between apps. Most people will double-tap the home button to reveal a lineup of icons of all open apps. Also a simple icon tap will jump to a new app. However, one negative thing in approaching iOS is you have to use all four fingers to execute the swipe.


windows 8 touch screen keyboard
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Every touchscreen mobile user faces one similar problem which is about the onscreen keyboard not designed for a variety of fingers. But in tablet you won’t be facing this issue as they come with relatively bigger size screens along with keyboards. However, if you’re using a tablet with your thumbs, typing on a tablet will never be easy.

But Windows 8 provides you with a split-screen keyboard so that you can type with your thumbs. Moreover, you can also adjust key size in Windows 8 split screen keyword for better accessibility.

It’s these little UI nuances that make Windows 8 so appealing in total.


windows 8 full screen apps
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Windows 8 has also experimented with unique tablet optimized approach that eliminates distracting “Chrome” – in other words, you won’t be facing any busy interface elements that can junk the desktop.

In many iOS apps, you will find navigational buttons that persist across the apps’ entire user experience. And even for apps that don’t do this, you will often see that thin bar at the top of the screen that shows that connection strength, the time and battery level.

In Windows 8, to see the time, battery strength and data connectivity, you can just swipe open your charms menu. Once you are done with the reports, you can touch anywhere on screen and the charms menu will disappear.


win 8 homescreen
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Every OS mobile offers certain degree of personalization which you could see on your home screen. Also in iOS, you can rearrange your home screen app icons so that you can put your favourite ones front and center. Whereas, in Android you can organise and adjust the app icons and widgets that display real-time information.

In Windows 8 you will also find the tidy organisation of icons that iOS provides and the freedom of the Android’s home screen. In Windows 8, apps icons are live tiles, either square or rectangular in shape, but always consistent in basic look.

Many die-hard Windows users have welcomed the recent revelation from Microsoft about latest Windows 8 features. One Windows 7 user said: “I’m currently running Windows 7 and Lion and I dread every minute I have to spend on Mac. Just starting to play with Win8 and I have high hopes.”

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