5 Reasons You Should Pursue MBA

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To do or not to do, that is the question. With career clocks ticking away, and with the world and its beings whizzing past you in the all-important rat race to the top rungs of the success ladder, thousands of you may be debating the option of adding that extra zing to your resume. The evergreen, awe-inspiring MBA degree. Yes! An MBA degree always has and always will exude the demeanor of efficiency, success, sharpness, astuteness and certainly the glam factor that has always been associated with it since ages. Pursuing an MBA degree depends primarily on what you seek for in a job opportunity and also on your personal choice. Where you see yourself in this competitive world, and whether you think the degree would help you in getting there. All these factors have to be taken into consideration before simply plunging blindly into a B-school, merely in an unconscious attempt to fit into the creamy, upper-class bunch of confused and rather aimless multiple-degree holders out there.

So here are 5 reasons on the check-list. Reasons why an MBA degree might be a good idea for you :

1. To broaden your perspective by getting a bird?s eye view

This applies especially to people with technical education. There?s nothing particularly wrong with being a specialist of a certain function in an industry. But to rise beyond it and oversee the running of an entire business is a different thing altogether. Imagine how amazing it would be if you not only knew the knick knacks of fitting a machine but also the way in which repair costs would affect the balance sheet of your company? So, an MBA would give you a general awareness and know-how of business functioning as a whole, and not just a segment of it.

2. To become a pro at understanding and speaking business jargon

It?s a clear fact that while doing two years of MBA is not going to make you a pro in Accountancy of Finance; it will certainly help you understand and get acquainted with the language of business. Atleast you wouldn?t be clueless when your Finance department talks about ROI or NPV. And you can maintain your stand and not look completely blank when you are involved in conversations about ARPU?s, CRM?s, FIX and CFCT?s, to start with.

Of course you can leave the nitty-gritties for your CA to handle, but it helps to know the basics. As for Finance graduates who are pursuing an MBA, you have a chance to delve much deeper into the practical understanding of the subject.

3. Network your way to success

If you are in a very well reputed B-school or studying for an MBA abroad, one of the biggest assets you will graduate with is contacts. Your classroom will be an assortment of students from different places, age groups, educational and cultural backgrounds, work experience history, attitudes and goals. The kind of insights they will bring to a discussion in class will be invaluable for you. Who knows, you might end up starting a business with one of your batch mates!

4. Try to get ahead of academic inflation

This is an unfortunate but a harsh reality. With academic inflation on the rise, having an MBA has become a bare necessity. Do you remember, during the prime of our parents, a graduation degree was minimum requirement for a job? Well, gone are those days and any extra degree adds a spark to your resume, especially an MBA. So, if you want to fill up those job vacancies, earning an MBA is the way to go.

5. Entrepreneurship is the need of the hour – give it a chance

While many of you would rather go the safe, white-collar job way, you might hit the jackpot if you just tried, for a change, to start up something on your own. Most people argue that if you want to set up a business of your own, it has to be in your ?blood?. Either you have it in you or you don?t. While this is true, there are people who don?t get exposed to the concept of Entrepreneurship until they study business formally. Who knows, you may have the business bug hidden in you but you never knew it until you made a presentation in class about a business idea?

Well, this is the end of the check-list. Now, if you?ve been nodding your head in agreement to the above reasons, then you should take out your applications forms right away, dust you dormant certificates, and go ahead and apply for an MBA, pronto. Unleash the business tycoon within you! All the very best!

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