5 Tips to make your Website more popular

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In order to be popular in the web, your website needs to be attractive and interesting. To attract traffic to your website, it needs to have that pulling factor, that extra something that will make the online web browsers remember your site and feel like visiting it again.

Put yourself in your customers? shoes. Looking at your own website through an expert?s eyes never helps. To build reliance and trust from your customers takes a lot of patience and action.

Here are some tips that will help you in promoting and popularizing your website :

1. Fresh and interesting content
Try to have interesting content. This way, users will always come back for more and more. You should not remove your old content from the website as far as you can avoid it. When people have found something worth reading or seeing on your website, they will definitely come back later, and what’s more, they will share this with their friends, who will come to visit the website as well – you know, you do not want to disappoint them all. In addition to keeping the old content live, you need to update your website regularly, by adding new, fresh content, otherwise you tend to put your visitors off.

2. Listen to your users
If you already had the chance to create a small community, even if it is made up of several regular users, – DO listen to them. If you have a comment box, where the users can leave their suggestions, opinions, and requests, that would make the communication simpler and useful. Make polls, ask questions, and interact with the visitors. This will help you know what consumers like and you would be able to make your website even more attractive and interesting to them.

3. Be active on the Internet – Utilize the world of Social Media
When you read an interesting article, you can leave comments associated with it, ending with a link to the homepage of your site and furthermore, you can share it on the social networks, especially facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and suchlike. Social Media is the best thing for business today. People are able to share everything from everywhere. Facebook is a huge community (over 500 000). Get a profile and create a fan page, where you can write updates, post offers and do whatever you want in order to get more fans, visitors and clients.
Twitter is one of the most powerful marketing tools today. You can start following people, they will follow you. You will share the web with them; they will share it with you. Do not forget to add share buttons into your website, so that people would be able to share your content as well. ?Do use forums and different social networks in order to get bigger Internet community of friends and followers! This will help you promote your website a great deal!

4. Get adventurous – Go in for Dynamic advertising
Let your website get some “life”. Add your website on pens, mugs, t-shirts, fliers and whatever else you can think of! You can also go for some bigger projects, if you dare to, such as adding an advert on a car or a billboard. Make your brand logo memorable and nice looking and you will increase your brand awareness. In short, make sure your website name gets noticed!

5. Paid advertising – PPC
Pay-Per-Click, also known as PPC, is an internet marketing technique where your ad is put on the search results page on search engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo. The actual advertisement typically appears to the right side or top of the other search results. You simply pay for the ad in the event that individuals click on it.

PPC advertising can increase your traffic, if properly targeted to your keywords. Placing banner ads on trusted sites will increase your chances of getting noticed as well.

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