5 ways to keep your body in check with tech this summer

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Along with a resolution-ridden New Year the lead up to summer is the most popular time to take a look at a health and fitness regime and make a few changes. But constantly watching your diet and finding the time and energy to stick to a regular routine can be difficult. So here’s an idea – why not invest in a shiny new gadget or two to help get you started? It’ll give you an excuse to get fit and the motivation to keep going when times get tough. Here are five great ways Beurer’s health and wellbeing tech can help you keep your body in check this summer.

solar vest
Photo – ChinaVision

Count the calories with Beurer’s DS-61 kitchen scales:

Hitting the treadmill for an hour isn’t nearly as effective if you reward yourself with a double pepperoni pizza, so as frustrating as it is you’ll need to pay a bit of attention to your diet if you’re serious about sculpting those summer curves. A smart set of kitchen scales such as Beurer’s DS 61 can help – as well as offering accurate measurements in 1g graduations it also offers nutritional and energy values including calories, fat, bread units, protein carbs and cholesterol for 1000 common foodstuffs.

Keep active and track your steps with the AS80 fitness monitor:

It’s far easier to stay motivated when you’re working hard to burn calories if you’re getting some feedback on your progress. The AS80 fitness monitor continuously tracks physical activity throughout the day to let you know if you’re hitting your targets and includes number of steps, distance, calorie consumption, activity duration and whether you’ve achieved your daily activity goals. Plus when you’re getting some well-deserved shut-eye after a hard day it’ll track your sleep as well, letting you know if you’re getting enough to maintain a healthy regime.

Find out if it’s working with the BF700 body analysis scale:

Combine something like a fitness tracker with body analysis scales and you’ll not only get to see whether you’ve hit your daily goals but can also see what impact this has had on your body, even if you don’t notice a difference in the mirror. Finding out that you’ve lost a few percent body fat or gained a few percent of muscle can be a powerful motivational aid, especially if this hasn’t started to show on the outside. The BF700 tracks body weight, body fat, body water, muscle ratio, bone mass, AMR/BMR and BMI for a complete picture of your body composition, making it far easier to give yourself a pat on the back when you see the results of all your hard work.

Apply the finishing touch with the EM25 Glute and EM35 Stomach toners:

There’s no harm polishing off your increasingly honed physique with a bit of modern gadgetry and Beurer’s here to help with a pair of products that target those areas everyone wants to look good. The EM25 Glute Toner builds and tones muscles in the gluteal area using electrical muscle stimulation, helping you to shift that extra bit of weight without forcing you into yet more lung-bursting runs. And for the front we present the EM35 abdominal belt, which will train and tone your central and lateral abdominal muscles using a similar neuro muscular stimulation, so there’s always time to squeeze in a few more “sit ups” when you’re exhausted after a hard session at the gym.

Keep an eye on your progress with HealthManager:

Gone are the days when you have to scribble down how many calories you think you’ve burned at the gym or keep a rough and ready list of numbers for your weight and fat levels on the back of a napkin. Technology can sort this out for you as well, and with Beurer’s HealthManager you get a wealth of information all in one handy app. It supports a range of Beurer’s products including the AS80 fitness monitor and BF700 analysis scale, all of which are designed to wirelessly send your data straight to your smartphone without you lifting a finger. Hitting the gym three times a week? See how that compares against your weight loss over the next month. Wondering whether your new fat burning diet and exercise regime is really working? See how your levels differ as you change your meals or workout plan. You’ll not only see your most recent results in a helpful, detailed visualisation, but can check your progress against data provided by the World Health Organisation to see how you’re doing and if necessary, adjust your targets. Health Manager also stores all of your previous results in both table format and quick reference graphs, allowing you to set targets and view progress over time with ease. With motivation like this, who needs a personal trainer!

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