6 Good Reasons to Never Stop Working on Your SEO

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Expert opinion by Yassine Aissaoui on how to beat your competition and remain ahead in the ever-evolving SEO game.

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Expert opinion by Yassine Aissaoui on how to beat your competition and remain ahead in the ever-evolving SEO game.

After working on the design and the content of your website, after acquiring inbound links for a few months, you have achieved great SEO results. A lot of your pages are positioned on the first page of Google and Bing — for most of your best keywords.

Your SEO contract has not finished, but you wonder: why should I continue to pay my SEO service provider when I get a website on the first page of Google for most keywords that bring me sales? Why should I continue to optimise the SEO of my online shop ?

I suggest you keep in touch with these 6 good reasons why you should not be tempted to stop your SEO contract once you have achieved your goals.

1. Your competitors will pass you by

Your competitors know your website, maybe your SEO strategy too, it’s quite normal, your site appears for the same keywords. So they can pass you easily in the search engine results at any time. If you stop optimising your website, they’ll continue their SEO programme and you wouldn’t know how they will be beating you or how to keep your position.

2. SEO results aren’t immediate

The other reason is, SEO results aren’t visible immediately. You may decide to stop optimising your website without knowing that your positions will be lost in the coming weeks. This reason joins the previous, your competitors can beat you down over the coming weeks.

3. SEO never stops

There is always something to do in optimising a website for search engines and for users. You have to spend one to three hours a month on optimising your small online shop (100 pages).

Google’s algorithm changes every day. Sometimes there are big updates and it could have an impact on your rankings. How can you react if you stop everything ?

4. Develop your SEO strategy

You have reached your visibility objectives, you are on the first page of Google for the keywords that bring you sales, now I suggest you look at more than your old goals. For example, create new pages optimised for other keywords that will develop your Long Tail and your turnover volume (CA). If you like where you are now, then the first three arguments may incite a reaction.

5. Sudden drop in your website traffic

Your website could be targeted by a malicious attack, it could be Negative SEO for example. It happens. In this case you will have to disavow links. You can disavow pages, directories or domains with the Google and Bing Webmaster Tools. One has to be vigilant. When you have disavowed links from pages, directories or domains you’ll need to continue the search engine optimisation.

6. Conquer effective and efficient Link Building

May be your website has acquired poor-quality links. However you have acquired your positions. To make durable your rankings don’t break the search engine optimisation of your website, you can focus on acquiring links from high domain authority sites.

Yassine Aissaoui is a Senior SEO and Social Media manager based in France. He helps brands and businesses to develop their visibility in the search engine results. Check out his Blog:  www.ya-graphic.com

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