8 Digital Predictions For 2015

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Top Digital Predictions For 2015 

We have been thinking about our digital strategy for the New Year and what we predict will happen in 2015.

You won’t be able to just copy your 2014 digital strategy. Times are changing and so are trends, you need to stay ahead of the game and be ready to change with your customers and prospective customers to be able to connect through your digital marketing.

top digital predictions for 2015

More than ever, Content will be important

Content Marketing has been a popular tactic by digital marketers already but in 2015, we predict it will continue to grow and become a crucial tool! Marketers will rely heavily on creating more relevant, inspiring and useful content for their customers. Businesses will focus on customers experience, and create content that “speaks” to the customers using emotional approaches and actually thinking about the customer. Companies are realising the importance of reaching out to their customers in writing that will interest them: High-quality and relevant content will be key to digital marketing of the future.

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Wearable Technology

Whether you love it or hate it, wearable tech is already and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. When something digital is this popular, it is only a matter of time before we see some of the first marketing application of the technology. The Internet of Things will create a completely new kind of environment and it will be marketers jobs to keep up with these rapid technology developments in order to keep in touch with customer needs.

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Marketing Analytics will Bloom

There are already dozens of analytic tools used by Marketers that allow them to see how customers interact with a business, what platforms they us to interact and how often, etc. The data from analytics is crucial to Marketers, and in short, the use of analytics will grow huge in 2015 to allow marketers to achieve the data easier, faster, and then make sense of the data. 

More Videos Than Ever

We have seen videos become more popular than ever in 2014 and this is set to continue into 2015. Whether it is a funny video or an informational one, people enjoy watching videos, a lot more than reading a blog. We predict in 2015, videos will be given a more prominent role in digital Marketing.

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Personalised Means Better

A goal of Marketers is to have their customers interact with them. The easiest way to do this is to create interesting, valuable and relevant information. Offering personalised content increases sales and inspires customers to stay longer on a website and connect socially. In 2015, we can see personalised content to grow!

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Visually Storytelling

Marketers need to find a way to sand out from the crowd and get their message noticed. Visual storytelling is the perfect tactic for engaging customers. It allows you to communicate with your customers and potential customers in a more creative and attention-grabbing way, whilst portraying your business’ personality, brand and service.

As mentioned above, we predict that videos will become increasingly popular in digital strategies in 2015, along with infographics, images and other creative visuals, we predict that visual storytelling will be a major digital marketing and digital strategy tool in 2015.

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More Money Spent On Online Ads

People are on online practically all the time now. In work, at home, out and about, with the help of smartphones and tablets we are never far away from getting online. This news is great for marketers as it allows us to target, it gives us tracking and segmentation options. The web is a place, where people spend their time during work and free time, giving marketers a wealth of great opportunities for targeting, segmentation and tracking options that are simply unavailable in traditional offline advertisements.

Digital Advertising has risen in the past number of years and we predict 2015 will be no different. Mobile ads are expected to grow by 48% in 2015 with technology advances.

The Importance Of Mobile

As we mentioned already, smartphones mean people almost always have access to the Internet and with that in mind we can see that mobile will grow in each and every aspect of business as well as personal lives. With the popularity wearable tech, tablets, smartphones, it is very clear that responsive websites are a necessity but also, the market for mobile will be huge in 2015.

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2015 is going to be a very exciting year! Who knows what new apps and ideas will come out of the woodwork. Will Bebo come back to life?

If you’d like to talk more about your Digital Strategy talk to Naomh at RUA Digital – [email protected] @RUADigital / @naomhswww.ruadigital.com

Naomh McElhatton

(About the Author – Naomh created RUA Digital to meet the challenges faced by you and your business’ communications needs within the ever growing and fast moving online market place. She and the RUA team create the ideal environment for clients to develop their brand and be creative online.

Being one of NI’s Top 40 under 40 in 2011 & 2014, Naomh is Northern Ireland’s Regional Coordinator for Go ON UK, a digital marketing mentor for a number of local government bodies and Enterprise development authorities north and south of Ireland.

As an experienced Associate Lecturer at the University of Ulster, and a STEM Ambassador with the Stemnet Network, founder of the DANI Ad Network, the DANI Awards & Digital Exchange.)

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