A cup of coffee takes 140 litres of water? Crazy!

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Not literally, but DW&PS claims that to produce a cup of coffee for you, the world has to use 140 litres of water!

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Water is the backbone of any economy


Now, doesn’t that make you really thirsty? We meant, thirsty for more information. So, basically, the amount of water that is used or needed to produce things such as coffee, tea, juice, fruits, is much more than we can imagine.

Going back to the example of coffee, we might argue that it might just take say a maximum of 200 mililitres of water. But a research by Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS) quantifies the amount of water required to grow the plants, get the beans, wash them, prepare dishes to serve you coffee and then finally wash your dishes. And for coffee, it stands at an alarming 140 litres.

That is crazy indeed! We didn’t realise that we end up ‘consuming’ 450 litres of water when we decide to get 1 kilogram of peaches for the entire family.

So, should you stop having that cuppa or stop your family from eating fruits? Well, may be not but if we knew how much of water goes into creating what, we might be well informed to cutting down our water usage and developing sustainable water treatment processes. After all, that is the key to protecting the environment around us.

[box] Alarming Information!! 

  • It takes 140 liters of water to produce enough beans for just 1 cup of coffee
  • 20,000 liters of water to produce 1 computer
  • 400,000 liters per car that rolls off the assembly line
  • 7 million liters a day to keep a golf course green all summer in Dubai[/box]

In fact, www.futuredirections.org.au, an independent research institute throws light on the fact that the UAE is one of the most water-scare nations on the face of the earth. Furthermore, Dubai, one of its most populous cities relies on desalination plants for almost 98.8% of its water supply.

While experts say that without water security, there can never be food security, it is interesting to note that the country’s rating on the Economist’s recent Global Food Security Index was 30th.

While the UAE is managing its food and water security well, there is a lot of scope for improvement and bringing about a holistic aspect of sustainability.

So, what can be our contribution towards bringing about water security? Write in to [email protected] and you get an opportunity to be featured in our next article on water and food security. 


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