A2Zarabia.com aims to create the First Online Ecosystem in the Middle East

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Dubai-based entrepreneur is on a mission to make life easy with a one stop portal for all online needs, in the AED 9.2 billion industry

A Dubai-based entrepreneur team has launched A2Zarabia.com as the first online ecosystem in the Middle East. A2Zarabia.com is a comprehensive one stop shop for all requirements, ranging from properties, motors, jobs, information of the latest events in town, exclusive deals and other classifieds. It combines the functionality of different website categories, effectively making life easy for its users. The website is already seeing a triple digit growth in user signups, making it the one of the fastest in the region.

Syed Sarfraz CEO of A2Zarabia.com and Parvez Ahmed are Co-founders of this upcoming digital ecosystem. A serial entrepreneur, Syed has been associated with setting up successful businesses, notable among them being Dr. Michaels Group which includes Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinics in Dubai. The Founders of A2Zarabia.com realized the lack of a strong online user experience in the current crop of online portals, valued currently at 9.2 Billion AED. The team got down to start working on it, after getting influenced by Dubai’s successful bid for the Expo 2020, and the emergence of a thriving business ecosystem at the Dubai Expo 2020 site. Syed said “The visionary leadership of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the growth of Dubai as an economic hub, influenced us to create an online equivalent of the business ecosystem in Dubai.”

Started initially as a bootstrapping project, A2Zarabia.com quickly gained the interest of prominent investors, leading to multiple rounds of successful funding. Regarding the key features of the portal, Syed opines, “There are multiple websites in each need category, adding significant value for the user. However, there isn’t a single website before A2Zarabia.com, which satisfied all these daily requirements at a single portal for the user and as a result, making their life easy. We wanted to provide this service to the users in the UAE and beyond.” The website has already received traction, with vendor signups in all categories and strategic partnerships with Virgin Megastore and other global brands.

The portal launches at an apt time, when Dubai is increasingly being recognized as a global hub for startup innovation. Rightfully, Syed sees a bright future for A2Zarabia.com, owing to high smartphone and internet penetration, ready acceptability of online transactions in the UAE, and the growth potential of the Middle East region, leading to the Expo 2020.

Going ahead, the portal aims to become a dominant force in the Middle East and Africa. It plans to do this by adding more service categories. The category of online shopping, is on the cards within six months. With a strong financial backing and a talented team to execute its ambitions, A2Zarabia.com is all set to fly high.

Check out www.a2zarabia.com to fulfill your needs on property, motors, jobs, deals, events and other classifieds.

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