Abu Dhabi included in the Global Cities list

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abu dhabi
Giant flag hoisted in Abu Dhabi on the eve of UAE National Day. Photo – carolynn-in-dubai.smugmug.com

The fifth edition of Cities of Opportunity released by Price Waterhouse Cooper and the Partnership for New York City has ranked the city of Abu Dhabi as the 22nd city of opportunity out of 27 global metropolises.

Twenty seven of the world’s largest and most influential global cities are evaluated on their ability to provide opportunity to their residents, which includes both long term residents and new immigrants. Not only does it evaluate the ability of cities to grow and develop, but to provide opportunity broadly. It notes the adaptability and resilience of cities and highlights the connection between quality of life, or liveability, and long-run economic growth and development.

“The Cities of Opportunity report is a detailed and insightful analysis of how leading global cities stack up against one another,” said Partnership for New York City President and CEO Kathryn Wylde. “New York City and London, along with other established cities, maintain their top status because of a depth and diversity of strength across all measures. But the true value of this report is not just the rankings; it is that every city can learn from one another about what works when building a 21st century city.”

Bob Moritz, PwC’s US Chairman and Senior Partner, said that cities tend to succed when they invest in needs important to both people and businesses. “When a city invests continuously and aggressively in critical areas, including education, healthcare, safety and infrastructure, it creates a healthy urban environment. Entrepreneurs and businesses thrive, the city economy grows, and long-term resiliency follows.”

The report provides an in-depth look at some of the most sigmificant and telling job sectors, now and looking ahead to 2025.  The capital city of the UAE takes the lead in hospitality and tourism. No other city in the Middle East made it to the prestigious list.

“Abu Dhabi making the list this year is not a surprise,” James Millan, analyst at Shores and McKenzie, told Arabian Gazette. “They have been working heavily to promote tourism. However the shocker is that Dubai did not make the list second year in a row.”

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