Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week Energy/Water nexus

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by Nicholas Brown.

Abu Dhabi Sustainabiliity Week 2014
Abu Dhabi Sustainabiliity Week 2014

Many of the world’s countries have been trying to address current or impending water shortages, adopt renewable energy sources, and more. However, while some have made strides, others are struggling.

They need ideas, and Masdar is addressing this by bringing many people (including world leaders) together in Abu Dhabi, a city in the United Arab Emirates, to collaborate on the adoption of renewable energy, conservation of water, and reduction of environmental impact at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW).

At Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, which will be held from January 18-24, 2014, Masdar hopes to make the energy/water nexus a higher priority on the global agenda, empower young people, address the water issues in arid regions, encourage the development of water, environmental, energy projects, and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy.

If you want to know just how enormous this event is: Over 30,000 participants from 150 countries were welcomed when it was held earlier this year.

Masdar is a company in the UAE that has been developing Masdar City, something we can all learn from, which not only utilizes renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, but it reduces energy usage and waste as well. This enabled them to maximize the amount of renewable energy generated from within the city. They even implemented electric vehicles which are powered by renewable energy.

According to the ADSW website:

‘Anchored by the World Future Energy Summit (WFES), the 2014 programme will feature a series of complementary events, conferences and exhibitions, including: The International Water Summit; The Abu Dhabi Renewable Energy Conference; The Zayed Future Energy Prize Award Ceremony; The International Renewable Energy Agency meeting; and Ecowaste.’

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