Acer Classroom Manager Aids Teachers

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Acer, in association with the iTEC project, has launched a software named the Acer Classroom Manager, that helps teachers and trainers improve the efficiency of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) teaching by centrally instructing students on their computers.

The Acer Classroom Manager or the ACM helps teachers in maintaining student focus by monitoring application and web usage, tracking language lab audio activity, improving support through online help and chat requests and saving time by automatically sending and collecting work files or quickly polling the class and showing instant results.

The ACM is equipped with tools to enhance teaching, keep students on task, encourage continuous assessment, thus reducing the workload on the teacher.

A useful option within the ACM is the Lesson Plan feature, which enables a Tutor to pre-plan the scope of a lesson. A convenient Class Wizard is provided which guides you (the teacher) through the process and this will appear at?start-up.

The key to changes taking place now in the educational system hinges on interaction; a cultural evolution of society that has enabled students to communicate with an entirely new language: more efficient, direct, multiethnic, and above all, adapted to new technologies. A language that also characterizes their way of learning. This is why both schools as well as the education system as a whole are taking actions to adopt technological equipment to be used in studying interdisciplinary projects, a method for exploiting new and interactive content.

Acer intends to offer teachers the maximum support in applying their teaching methods via new technological instruments by making various subjects increasingly stimulating and interactive.

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