Advertising: Chinese Style

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china shopping mall shower advert
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Advertising is an important ingredient for the success of every business. Organisations spend millions every year on advertising. The sole purpose is to educate the public about the product or service and eventually increase sales.

The obvious reasons for spending large amounts on advertising is to build and maintain a strong brand. A strong and prominent brand leads to the ultimate success of a company. This is evident when we look at rankings of different brands which has been compiled by Interbrand, the number one on the list of Best Global Brands 2011. And this years top brand is Coca Cola. Well no surprise there as Coca Cola has always believed in advertising and strengthening its brand. It has spent billions on advertising over the years and will continue to do so in future.

We have seen many interesting and unique advertisements over a period of time. Have you ever seen a cocoa bean crying all because it was not perfect to become a Bournville? There are many such ingenious advertisements. However, a mall in China decided to break traditional norms and created a unique advertisement.

The Xi Dan Mall in downtown Lanzhou, western China?s Gansu province created quite a buzz. It had a window display which appeared to feature three young women taking a shower. Many were drawn to the presentation, but after a closer look it was not what they expected. The women showering were in fact were, mannequins.

The exhibit, although a masterful piece of advertising, was not what it seemed. Obviously the attention was drawn to the fake women in the shower but it was more of a suggestive advertising. The objects of interest were not the mannequins but rather the clothes which were draped over the shower doors. This represented the latest fashions the store had to offer. This sure seems to be a new way of advertising the latest trend in fashion, and turns out to be cheaper than traditional means of advertising.

Store officials admitted that that the purpose of the presentation was to attract attention, which it certainly did. ?I couldn?t believe my eyes. I thought they were real women at first. It certainly caught my attention,? said one passerby.

Well, attention is the focal point of any advertisement. Window displays are becoming more and more personal and interesting. This is just the beginning by one of the biggest malls in China, as store officials say there is more to come.

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