Al Ain Dairy the First to Introduce Stevia as Natural Replacement for Sugar

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New Green Cocktail Nectar from Al Ain Dairy. Image provided.

?Al Ain Dairy, the largest dairy and juice producer and one of the UAE’s leading brands is the first company in the UAE ?to introduce Stevia as a natural sugar replacement as it launches new Green Cocktail Nectar a refreshing new ?addition to its award winning portfolio of juice.

?The much hyped Stevia, is a new zero calorie sweetening option which is actually derived from the leafy green foliage ?of the Stevia Plant (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni). It is known as the “sugar leaf’ and very much lives up to its hype with ?Stevia being some 300 to 400 times sweeter than cane sugar when refined. It is no surprise that Stevia is ?increasingly used worldwide as a dietary supplement. ?

With manufactures looking for an alternative replacement for cane sugar and artificial sweeteners such as sucrose, ?aspartame or saccharin etc. Stevia is rising in popularity. As a result it is more widely cultivated and used in its ?powdered form as an ideal blend with sugar and artificial sweeteners to reduce the overall sugar content in foods as ?well as beverages.

Stevia has just recently become available in the UAE for the first time and is an all-natural calorie free sweetener that once blended with other sweeteners produces a clean sweet taste, is diabetic friendly, Gluten free and also Halal certified. The use of Stevia enables manufacturers to create foods as well as beverages that are carbohydrate reduced or with no added sugar and has proved a fantastic option for the first in a complete range of dietary juices launched today by Al Ain Dairy. ?

Green Cocktail Nectar is a sumptuous blend of Mango and Apple, Kiwi and refreshing Lime juice and is a unique, ?never before seen combination of delicious flavors. Green Cocktail Nectar with natural Stevia added effectively ?delivers 30% less sugar and is good news for those who want to reduce their sugar intake while still enjoying the ?fresh natural sweetness and goodness of fresh juice. Green Cocktail has been developed exclusively by Al Ain Dairy as part of their ongoing new product development which aims to satisfy niche customers, the dairy hopes also to encourage and develop healthy eating lifestyle habits and f ?ollowing extensive market research and lengthy R & D, Al Ain Dairy plans to deliver further sugar reduced juices ?and a complete range of dietary dairy products meeting growing demand from the consumer market.

Commenting on the company’s successful launch of yet another new and innovative offering Kingston Fernandez Head of Sales at Al Ain Dairy said “ New Green Cocktail Nectar is a totally thirst quenching juice blend and will be sure to rival our hugely popular Lemon Mint brand. Green Cocktail is a delicately balanced blend of some truly terrific fruits and has a very satisfying taste. The 30% reduced sugar amount makes it all the sweeter for those who are dietary conscious. Green Cocktail is a fitting addition to parties and picnics and I am sure will be enjoyed by everyone who tries it for the first time!” said Fernandez. ?

New Green Cocktail Nectar is available in 1.8 L and 1 Liter family packs as well 500 Ml and handy 250 ML pet bottles ?and is available in all good supermarkets and groceries from today.

Commenting further on the introduction of the new Green Cocktail Nectar, Fernandez added says “Al Ain Dairy is delivering on its plan to meet the changing tastes of our consumers and Green Cocktail Nectar fills a much needed gap in the market for new and unique flavor combinations. As the market leader in dairy and juices, we have committed resources to identify what our customers want and what the market needs. We have a desire to bring not just popular family favorites but new and innovative combinations such as Green Cocktail nectar that truly excite and inspire the consumer to healthier lifestyles.”

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