Al Ain Hospital first in UAE to join AHIMA World Congress

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Al Ain Hospital joins AHIMA as UAE’s first organizational member, to enhance focus on quality of clinical documentation for improved patient care and reimbursement revenue

Al Ain Hospital as the first UAE hospital to become an AHIMA World Congress (AWC) Organizational Member. Al Ain Hospital is set to differentiate itself among local healthcare providers, customers, and the regional workforce through its participation in this innovative new program which will focus on clinical documentation improvement.

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The three-year AWC Organizational Membership (AWC OM) program is designed to help healthcare providers, healthcare service organizations, and government/nonprofit agencies achieve excellence in the healthcare core competencies of clinical documentation, medical coding, health data analytics, health informatics, and privacy and security.

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The first year will focus on assessment, gap analyses and training. AHIMA subject matter experts will assess Al Ain’s current level of clinical documentation, review medical records, perform a gap analysis, customize a training curriculum based on AHIMA Best Practices, provide training to a core sustainability team and internal trainers, and develop a sustainability plan.

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Each year, Al Ain’s level of quality in CDI will be assessed and a “Trained by AHIMA” Seal of Excellence will be awarded, publicly showcasing their quality level in this core competency.

“Al Ain Hospital is pleased to join AWC and looks forward to working with the AHIMA/AWC team to continue to fulfill our mission of serving our community by providing quality patient care with a focus on clinical excellence,” stated Humaid Amhi Al Mansouri, Al Ain Hospital CEO. “AHIMA is the worldwide leader in quality healthcare information and we are eager to partner as an organizational member of AWC to achieve excellence within our organization on AHIMA Best Practices for clinical documentation.”

“AHIMA welcomes and congratulates Al Ain Hospital as our newest AWC Organizational Member in the UAE,” said Wylecia Wiggs Harris, AHIMA CEO. “Al Ain recognizes the importance of quality healthcare information, particularly clinical documentation, and we are proud they selected AWC to help them achieve excellence in this healthcare core competency!”

The 402-bed acute care and emergency hospital is one of 12 hospitals in the SEHA (Abu Dhabi Health Services Company), which is the largest healthcare network in the UAE. SEHA owns and operates all public hospitals and clinics in the Emirate. Al Ain Hospital has more than 35 specialist departments, more than 300 doctors, and more than 20,000 inpatient and 320,000 outpatient visits annually.

“I and the entire AWC/AHIMA team are excited to work with Al Ain Hospital to assess opportunities within their organization to implement Best Practices in Healthcare Information,” said AWC Global Managing Director Alexandre Bouché. “We applaud Al Ain for their foresight in selecting Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) as their initial area of focus. AWC case studies reveal accurate clinical documentation has a positive impact on patient care, health record quality, and revenue cycle management, and we look forward to supporting and training Al Ain’s employees on proven AHIMA Best Practices in this core competency.”


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