Algeria to spend $6 billion on country-wide tram projects

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Tramway at Les fusillés station in Algiers, Algeria. Photo –

Algeria announced it will invest more than $6 billion to modernise public transport by introducing trams in 14 cities nationwide, media reports said.

Algiers Subway Company (EMA) said the provinces that will benefit from the trams are Sidi Bel Abbes, Mostaganem, Tlemcen and Bechar in west Algeria, Setif, Annaba, Batna, Beja a, Biskra, Skikda, Tebessa and Ourgla in the east, and Blida and Djelfa in the centre.

Algiers is the only city in the country that has a tram at present, with two stretches of the first line linking Bordj El Kifan neighbourhood in the eastern outskirts to Les Fusiles in downtown Algiers, Xinhua news agency quoted reports as saying.

Tram projects have already been launched in Constantine province located 413 km south of Algiers and Oran province, 435 km west of the capital.

In a bid to relieve traffic congestion in the capital and major metropolis, the government has opted for diversified rail transport.

In October last year, the North African nation inaugurated its first 9.5 km subway line linking Hai El Badr neighbourhood in the southeastern outskirts of Algiers to Grand Post in downtown Algiers.

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