Algeria to receive EU funds to protect environment

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algiers coast
Tipaza near Algiers is a very interesting sightseeing spot in Algeria. Photo –

The European Commission announced on Thursday it will allocate €34 million ($41.73m) to fund environmental programmes in Algeria. Under the programme, the Algiers’ coastal region will be protected and efforts will be made to tackle the impact of climate change at the heart of the country’s development policies.

The ambitious environmental programme in Algeria has been launched by the European Commission which would partner with Algerian authorities to focus on protecting the Algiers coastal region.

European support will contribute to the implementation of the new strategy. It will also place particular emphasis on enhancing analytical and monitoring capacities, financial transparency and raising awareness among the public. According to the European Commission, support will be given, for example, to a national climate plan, an ecological monitoring system for the coast, management plans for protected areas and studies of public investment costs and recurrent costs, including maintenance. The private sector and civil society will be closely involved in the programme’s implementation.

This cooperation programme with Algeria supplements the other EU programmes, such as the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument and particularly regional ones, which have for many years funded environmental protection and measures to combat pollution in the Mediterranean, issues to which the EU attaches great importance.

The European Commission announced last month it has approved a 2012 action plan for Morocco worth €112 million ($137.47m) that will support the management and safeguard of forests and reform the country’s financial management and public administration sectors.

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