An EPIC MOVIE review

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The EPIC MOVIE. Just because you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean it’s not there.”

EPIC movie poster
The Epic movie.

Is the movie named “Epic” really Epic?

Expectations are high because this animated adventure is from the same studio that brought us Ice Age and Rio.

In this tale of good defeating bad, a continuous battle of nature plays out where ‘leaf men’ try to protect ‘the forest’ from ‘evil’ to keep the forest alive, which normal human beings don’t notice. It is a series of tiny battles going on in a tiny world, battles of which the big world remains blissfully unaware.

The movie starts with the beautiful of scenery of nature’s greens, browns and the colors of flowers which look quite dreamy at first. The animation deserves top marks for keeping up the Pixar style of So Real and So Clear! The backgrounds are beautifully rendered, and the 3D is used well. The flower ladies, the leaf men, dandelion women — it’s all beautifully crafted. And, let’s not forget the fun part, the Slug and the Snail relationship.

The Epic movie is inspired by the characters  in William Joyce’s children’s book, “The Leaf men and the Brave Bugs” tells the story of a teenage girl Katherine, aka M.K. (voiced by Amanda Seyfried) who goes to live with her father Bomba (Jason Sudeikis) and his one-eyed, three legged dog after the death of her mother.

She finds her father’s rare obsession is trying to prove that a small world exists in the forest which humans can’t see with the naked eye, so he tools himself with all the gadgets, microscopic lenses and helmets to see them — which is the only reason behind the failure of his personal and professional life. Before she knows it, she is magically shrunk and transported into the small creature world herself by the tiny forest queen Tara (Beyonce Knowles), who entrusts her to take care of the magical bulb. to protect and place it under the moonlight. Very soon she realizes that her father was right about the tiny creature existence and so she becomes part of the battle with the leaf men. Big help comes from the head of the Leaf men, Ronin (Colin Farrell) who makes her focus on her duty along with his rebellious protégé, Nod (Josh Hutcherson). Yes, there starts the teenage love story, did the movie really need that?? Well, it spiced it up!

What’s next?? Well now, it’s the Evil Mandrake (Christoph Waltz), leader of the Boggans, who are nefarious creatures that cause rot and destruction. If Mandrake and the Boggans can capture the bulb, the forest will turn into a barren wasteland but as usual, the forces of good will overcome the bad.

What about the Dad? Bomba gets to see the tiny creatures at last, as his daughter becomes one of them, but not for long as the spell breaks she is back to real world! What about her Teenage Love? Well, we have video chatting as a source to keep the human connected to tiny creature.

The end credits of “Epic” are so personal and lovely. I liked the good parts, and it had almost all good parts. It’s a fun film if you have school-age kids who can handle intense situations and action. The movie is funny and exciting enough to keep both entertained.

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