‘Anonymous’ to Destroy Facebook

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Come November 5 and ‘Anonymous’ group has vowed to destroy Facebook.

‘Anonymous’ group has released a video statement announcing that on November 5, the network will be destroyed.

The Group has already been allegedly linked to several high profile hacking including the CIA, FBI, NATO, Banks and various other Government institutions, where it is assumed security is a top priority.

‘Anonymous’ has taken issue with Facebook’s?well-publicized?privacy issues, and claims that the company sells information to?government?agencies for the purpose of spying.

The video also states “Everything you do on?Facebook?stays on?Facebook?regardless of your privacy settings, and deleting your account is impossible, even if you delete your account, all your personal info stays on?Facebook?and can be recovered at any time.”

By giving months of advance notice in advance to Facebook, Anonymous has given the company to prepare for the attack.

Facebook is well known for employing skilled computer gurus, and the company holds regular “Hackathons” for its programmers to keep their skills sharp. Hence, it will be interesting to see how Facebook fare on November 5.

Sources: Yahoo News, Slashdot.org

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