Apple dominates top technology brands – study

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Apple has maintained its position as the world’s most valuable brand over the past year and dominated the top 10 technology related companies, according to a study published by a leading market research agency on Tuesday.

The iPhone and iPad maker boosted its brand value by 19% during the past year to $183 billion or 37% of its market capitalisation. Moreover, the company has also witnessed 73% global handset profits, according to the annual BrandZ study by leading brands and market-research agency Millward Brown.

According to Apple’s Q1 2012 result, the iPhone generated revenues to the tune of $22.7 billion, compared to Samsung’s $16.7 billion, which has now become the world’s top smartphone seller.

Facebook, with its IPO listing of $82 billion, climbed the ladder to be in the top 100 list. The social network’s brand value rose by 74%, helping it to successfully place on 19th position.

Though McDonald’s and Coca Cola are on 4th and 6th position, seven of the top 10 listings are technology firms. Marlboro is placed at 7th position in the backdrop of mounting campaign against smoking around the world.

“It’s pervading and there’s a lot of excitement and new news. This is where it’s all happening. That tends to increase not only the demand and financial performance but also the role of brand,” Nick Cooper, Millward Brown Optimor’s managing director, said.

He also said that the strength of technology brands was a measure of the central and transformative role it plays in contemporary life.

There are other prominent technology brands that are also being listed in the top 10 list. IBM switched its position with Google by rising to second. However, Microsoft Inc has positioned itself on 5th.

According to Cooper, consumerisation in the IT industry where hardware and software making companies have to come up with certain standards that consumers are bound to live with are effecting its growth.

“The brands that are generally demonstrating the best growth are those that tend to be occupying spaces where there is a lot more intuitive natural use, where the consumer experience is informing the B2B experience rather than the two way around,” Cooper said.

“Consumer technology is receiving the same kind of scrutiny once reserved for banks and brands will have to respond convincingly to increase regulatory oversight. This may impact social brands like Facebook in the future,” he added.

Apple’s Tablet Still Dominates

According to media reports, Apple’s iPad is still witnessing major growth in tablet market. Moreover, the company has projected 61.4% worldwide sales of tablet in 2012 itself.

Technology research and advisory firm Gartner predicted that Apple will continue to be the market leader, despite the arrival of Amazon’s expanded rollout device Kindle Fire. Forecasts also suggest that media tablets sales will rise to around 35% by 2015.

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