Arabian Center’s TreeofLife Commits to Support Children at Foster Homes

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Arabian Centre TreesofLife

Arabian Center, the most-soughted community mall in the UAE is celebrating yet another successful season of its TreeofLife concept following the positive momentum it has received in the past few years. The TreeofLife is a symbolic representation of change that is bought about in the lives of the underpriveliged. To commemorate the spirit of giving and sharing in Ramadan, the TreeofLife concept this year aims to support the social welfare of the children at foster homes. Deeply rooted in the Night Court of Arabian Center, the Tree of Life aims to be a pillar of support and help to the poor and needy.

“TreeofLife has received excellent response over the past few seasons. This year TreeofLife aims to add value to the lives of the underprivileged children. Without the protection of family, these children have limited access to good education, food and clothing. TreeofLife is an effort to provide steady support to these kids and our own way to alleviate suffering for them,” said Mr. Tim Jones, COO, Arabian Center and Lamcy Plaza.

The TreeofLife is the tree of hope and truth. The unique concept, just like a tree, aims to support and sustain life to make the world a better place. With the power to change the life of the unfortunate ones, TreeofLife gets its strength of transformation from the love and affection imparted by citizens of the UAE. To extend support to the noble cause, Arabian Center welcomes all residents and visitors of the UAE to donate and light a lamp of hope for the impoverished children. For every donation made in cash or kind, the tree will be illuminated with a lamp signifying the passion for goodness in life.

“The TreeofLife is an ideal concept for us to spread our values in dealing with social and environmental concerns, as well as in carrying out our responsibility as a corporate citizen that cares. It not only reflects our goodwill, but also states our earnest efforts to build an all-caring community. Since Ramadan is considered as a month of giving, we request people to light up lamps on the TreeofLife and support us in our endeavor for improving the lives of underprivileged children. We are hoping to receive an extra-ordinary response from the residents of Dubai towards our contribution to the less fortunate ones,” said Mr. Jones, on a closing note.

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