Art of Connection – A Public Speaking Workshop For Women

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Master the art of connection through this one day workshop for women

An exclusive one day public speaking workshop designed for executives, managers, and professional speakers will be conducted in Dubai on the 26th of this month. Facilitated by MENA Speakers the workshop titled “The Art of Connection” is specially being held for women and conducted by ?International Presenter & Public Speaking Coach Andreea Zoia.

In this intensive workshop, Andreea Zoia will be training participants on the systematic methods of using voice to command a room, take control of body language and craft stories that are TED.

Art of connection is a unique workshop intended to instil confidence in participants enabling them to speak confidently anytime, anywhere as well as be more persuasive. Participants will also be able to hone their skills of public speaking in a way as to captivate people. In short the training will enable participants to gain skills in a day which would otherwise take years to master.

The workshop will be held on Saturday, 26th August from 9.00 a.m. to 5. p.m

About Andreea Zoia

Andreea is a regular guest on Joelle Show on MBC1. Formally trained as a NLP master coach from the American international training company Mind Bridge. Her workshops fill up with professionals eager to unlock their voices of success and utilize them in their careers, businesses, and lives. With more than a decade of experience and her own personal story, Andreea makes sure she delivers the one result that will craft people?s success today: Own your voice and let your confidence be heard, respected, and desired.

The workshop registration fee is AED 1900.  Only very limited seats are available. The organizer can be contacted through whatsapp on 050 124 6956

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