Ash clouds disrupt flights

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An erupting volcano and its ash is now affecting air travel. The cloud of ash, from Chile is drifting over the Atlantic and Indian oceans to lie over southern parts of New Zealand and Australia.

Qantas Airways, an Australian carrier has cancelled 22 flights while Air New Zealand is flying at lower altitudes and different courses to avoid the ash. Air New Zealand said its aircraft would fly at the lower altitude of 18,000 feet to remain below the ash cloud or else take a different flight path to avoid it.

Steve Sherburn, a vulcanologist at New Zealand?s Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences said, the fine particles of ask can pose a danger to aircraft bodies and engines. He added that this eruption was a strong one and is able to throw as particles all over the atmosphere and if the eruption keeps going on, it could affect the region and air travel for a very long time.

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