Authentic Trattoria For Fresh Pasta Lovers To Open In Difc

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Ravioli & Co. – A Foodie’s Haven is Set to Bring ‘Real Italian’ Style Dining to Dubai

Tortellini, tagliatelle, gnocchi, and of course ravioli, all make up some of the fresh pasta that will be available at Ravioli & Co, an authentic Italian Trattoria, set to open midAugust in Burj Daman, in the DIFC district. Specializing in fresh pasta made daily by an in house sfoglina (pasta lady), this homegrown licensed concept will redefine the way the city interprets a traditional Italian dining experience.

With a back to basics approach to cuisine, simple, yet delicious food will be the heart and soul of Ravioli & Co. Launched by a due (Italian for two) of ladies from Italy and Jordan, the pair are lifetime friends and share a love for honest home cooking. Add in a passionate chef and pasta lady and who both hail from Italy, the restaurant is a ‘family affair’ and aims to bring the essence of ‘mama’s cooking’ set within an inviting environment reminiscent of home to UAE residents.

Although the menu will be centered around fresh pasta, Ravioli & Co., will offer a tasteful and traditional menu of both shared and individual dishes for lunch and dinner. As an added plus, the in-house bakery will show diners what focaccia and grissini are meant to taste like. Lower calorie and gluten free pasta varieties as well as vegetarian friendly menu items will also be available in addition to unique

Options to call ahead and place order to pick-up on the way home along with plans to offer a weekly aperitivo and host cooking classes are in the pipeline for the neighborhood gem.


Dubai, sei pronto per Ravioli & Co.? (Dubai, are you ready for Ravioli & Co?)

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