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Lara licks her lips and slowly lowers herself down until she is sitting on my lap again with her pussy pressed up against my cock, pushing it back towards my stomach and revealing to me just how wet she is. She leans forward pressing her lips to mine again and instantly slipping her tongue into my mouth, I wrap an arm around her and pull her against me feeling her small but perky breasts pressing against my chest and pulling her pussy harder against my cock. With my cock pressed hard against Lara’s soaking pussy I move my hips slightly and feel my hard flesh slide up and down her wetness making her moan silently into my mouth. I loosen the grip of my arm around her and allow her to pull herself up a little, Lara reaches down and grabs my cock lining it up with her entrance and before I can slowly push into her she starts to lower down impaling herself on my hard flesh. Lara’s back arches pushing her breasts towards me as she stops lowering herself down with my full length inside her, she rests there for a moment with my rock hard cock buried to the hilt inside her tight wet pussy. The second that she starts to move slowly up with her pussy gripping my cock but wet enough for me to slide easily, I lean forward and capture one of her nipples in my mouth giving it a suck and circling it with my tongue.

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