Aviation Leaders Urge Partnerships for Success

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Collaboration Key to Aviation Success Emphasise Global Aviation Leaders 

“Today, the Global Aerospace Summit returns to Abu Dhabi, with well over 1,000 delegates from 425 companies in 56 countries,” were the words with which Saif al Suwaidi, Director General of the GCAA, announced the start of the Global Aerospace Summit on Monday, 7th April.

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Ever since its initiation, the Global Aerospace Summit has come to be the event that brings together the leading and key players in the aviation sector. This year too, the summit has attracted the most significant operators in the aviation industry who spoke and presented their views on the inaugural day of the summit. In a very boosting coincidence, the views and thoughts of all the leading dignitaries from across the entirety of the aviation industry matched alike as each one of them elaborated on the importance of partnership to sustain the growth of the aviation sector in the United Arab Emirates.

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“It has been about partnership, about building a network, about supporting jobs and delivering economic growth,” he said.  “Our partnerships have allowed us to expand into more markets, bringing more competitive choice to consumers and delivering commercial benefits to our partners’ were the emphatic words of Mr. James Hogan, CEO and President of leading airline operator, Etihad Airways, who also enumerated on the indomitable growth of the airline into a global airline powerhouse from being valued around US$ 300 million in 2006 to scaling about US$ 74.5 billion in 2014.

The words of Mr. Hogan, who delivered the opening keynote speech on the opening day of the summit, was echoed by IATA’s CEO and President, Mr. Tyler Tate, who observed “Partnerships are adding value to individual airlines, increasing the customer proposition and reducing costs.  They are facilitating airlines across borders. These types of arrangements are becoming ever more important.”

Eric Roegner, COO of Alcoa Inc. summed it up nicely on the need for partnerships and collaboration for aviation success.


This aspect of collaboration in the aviation industry was also extended to the eventualities of traffic and over-crowding which often cause ill-timed and unnecessary delays in leading airports. Speaking on this aspect and correlating the need for partnership to solve these glitches, Mr. Richard Deakin, CEO of NATS, clarified, Air traffic congestion is being recognised as a potential limiting factor to regional growth, by airports and airlines.  The region needs to act now to exploit the best solutions, delivering them by combining local knowledge with international experience.”

But the most important message was conveyed by pioneering astronaut, Mr. Buzz Aldrin, whose footsteps have been indelibly etched on the moon. According to him, “This is a hub of transportation from what I can see, with the two airlines that reach out from here. I feel in some ways UAE can also be a hub for some of the experiences of space.” 

Aldrin had high praise for the UAE and its vision when he said: “I stand before you today because I believe that the UAE will play a role in this commercial development of space.”

He was also pretty upbeat on humans permanence on Mars.

His words were supported by Mr. Tony Douglas, CEO of the Abu Dhabi Airports Authority who emphasised, “Like Buzz Aldrin, we must inspire younger people to be attracted to this industry.  Innovation is running at a far greater pace than ever before.”

Mr. Douglas also pinpointed that the city’s upcoming Midfield Terminal Complex, expected to be put into operation in 2017, will be a bigger catalyst prompting never-seen-before aviation passenger increases to and fro from Abu Dhabi.

The words of Saif al Suwaidi can thus be used to summarise the intents and resonations of the leading aviation sector experts and operators, “We have great representatives from both established and emerging markets. It is a key indication that Abu Dhabi has become a vital hub for aerospace and aviation. The capital of the UAE steadily continues to invest in the future of aviation, not just locally but internationally as well, driving industry growth.  We have used this opportunity to develop our infrastructure, to become one of the strongest global hubs with two of the key airlines.  The UAE has also become a supplier to leading aircraft manufacturing companies. The UAE has created long lasting partnerships and has created opportunities for collaboration.”

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