Back to Grills: Dubai’s Newest Grilling Culinary Marvel

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‘Back to Grills’ – is a brand that was wholly conceived and created in UAE, a true passion of three different eccentric, maverick individuals who put in their global food travel experience, coupled with in-depth knowledge and artisan mastery in creating a variety of food excellence, perfectly fostering it with their love for Grills, is the backstory of Back to Grills opening credits.

Sustainability, farm to fork time, fresh produce, specialty homemade recipes is all what is offered in a personalized service at the table, are the underlying factors of this brand, which just hit the Dubai’s dining scene. The dishes they serve here are a snap shot of culinary offering from many parts of the world. The visionaries of this brand bring the best of dishes that they enjoyed around the world, to your table. Back to Grills takes you on a multi-sensory delightful journey from the Americas to the Russian bloc, European, North African and South Asian region.

Back to Grills Grill

The fruition of Back to Grills has been a labour of passion for these three young entrepreneurs, who set their eyes in owning and operating a restaurant in UAE and the journey has been a joy they say. George, who is one third of the brains behind the brand takes care of the Brand building activities, Annu and Anish are the culinary geniuses, who share a combined, over two decades of cooking mastery. All of them together is a potent combination and their epic journey is showcased in what you enjoy at the Restaurant.

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They source their produce locally and within a 50km radius, everything is made inhouse from scratch, nothing is frozen, and all their meat is marinated for 24hours. These are some strong ethos of their business that they hold true to.  The three main pillars that holds the brand is, foremost the Food, Service and the Dining experience. They want their customers to enjoy the best and at affordable prices with no compromise on quality. “We want our customers to enjoy the same way, they would enjoy eating at home, we want them to see us as their extended home. Warm service, great company and a memory to last a long time is what we want our customers to enjoy at Back to Grills’’ says George.

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Don’t let the size of the restaurant deceive you, what they have within these walls will surely surprise you, the quality of the food, portion size and presentation are above excellence. They even customize the meal to suit the specific needs of the customer. They don’t compromise on the spice levels and flavours of the dish, but if someone is intolerant to such spice levels, the dish can be customized to the preferred spice levels of the customer.

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The menu is as impressive as the food here, they have mocktails, smoothies’ milkshakes and brews to munchies, sizzlers, sliders, grills and much more. They even have a decent variety on desserts too. There is something here for everyone. Even the vegetarians have a sizeable option to select from and the food is full of flavours, a sure delight to all the vegetarians who enjoy grills.

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Back to Grills, sets out on a journey to get people back to enjoy the pure delight of having grilled culinary marvel, bringing tastes from across the country’s back roads and hidden gems. Reconnecting the hungry souls to the satisfying sound of the sizzling grills, here you find your missing link, a place where your search for home style dining experience of good food, quality and service is found as you step into the true home of grills – Back to Grills.

The Back to Grills brand has great vision for the future, adding new dishes, gastro art and even the eventual expansion, but currently they stay focused to the task at hand, that is to serve fantastic grills that are handpicked from around the world.

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