Bahrain approves freedom of speech

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Bahrain opens up to Freedom of speech
Freedom of Speech

The year 2011 has shown that revolutions are not events which are read in history books, but which can be witnessed live right in our backyard. The Arab Spring has opened the doors for pro democracy movements around the world. Well the result of such movements leads to charges and arrests being made. Bahrain seems to have a change of heart regarding the arrests.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has announced on Saturday that it would drop charges against 343 people whose offences were linked to ?free speech?! Now that statement has made many Free Speech Movements to sit up and take note.

An official at the largest Shi’ite opposition group, Wefaq, said about 85 percent of the cases it studied were linked to freedom of speech and assembly.

“Of the 1,200 cases we have reported about, 1,000 include charges such as illegal assembly, spreading false news and spreading hatred of the regime,” Matar Matar, a former parliament member for Wefaq, said. He also said those charged should be compensated.

“These people were imprisoned and there was no justification for what happened to them. So there should be compensation and an investigation of those responsible,” Matar told Reuters.

Though around 343 defendants would be set free, the Public Prosecutor has told the state news agency BNA that other cases which are related to crimes of violence and sabotage against people and property will remain pending. spoke to member of a pro democracy movement and they were not happy with Bahrain?s intentions. ?Bahrain, is simply doing this to keep the west happy so that that it can secure an arms deal with the U.S. again they are putting money ahead of its own people. The Arab world needs to wake up and smell the stench and looked beyond the fake roses of manipulation.? This seems to be the view of many young Bahrainis.

Yusrah Fathima a journalist working in Bahrain told that though Bahrain wants to look sincere to the world, those people charged with freedom of speech would not be released as they would be charged with something else. ? These people would be made as an example to the rest of the world. It?s the duty of journalists like us to uncover the wool from the people?s eyes.?

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