A banquet to remember – Experience Taiwan in Dubai!

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A night of splendour! A spectacular dinner gathering showcasing the insight into Taiwanese culture through the timeless magic of food. A Media Dinner was hosted recently by the Taiwan Representative Office in the Middl

e-East for journalists and bloggers; and for them the flavors of Taiwan were bought to Dubai.

As exciting as the event, the venue of choice could not have been more perfect — it was the Restaurant and Teahouse of Taipei Dao. The restaurant is quite simply, the place to go to for authentic Taiwanese cuisine. Stationed in downtown Dubai, amidst all the glamor and poise the Taiwan Tourism Office invited all the media dignitaries to delve deeper into the very essence of Taiwanese culture, and delve they did. 

The evening was hosted by Ms. Felice Liao, the owner of Taipei Dao. She left no space for doubt and made sure there was no flavor missing in the dishes that rolled out of her kitchen. Taipei Dao prides itself on not just being the pivotal Taiwanese food restaurant in Dubai but the consistency for providing tasty, organic and nutritious food. Over her time spent in the Middle-East, Ms. Liao ensures the food is exactly what her customers are looking for, the right blend where the Far East meets the Middle-East. From offering Gluten free and zero MSG products to lavish interiors of crimson wallpaper, warm lighting and printed canvas decorating the ceiling. It was an evening of delight for the Taiwan Tourism Office to co-jointly host the event.

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