reveals Internet most important MENA recruitment tool than ever before

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Employers use the Internet to hire senior executives, and more than 57% of employers research candidates online before hiring, making professional Internet presence imperative for candidates.

According to a recent “Hiring Management in the MENA” poll conducted by — the region’s number one job site — the Internet today is the most important tool in the hands of a job seeker when it comes to recruitment. In fact, the simple act of establishing an online profile is crucial for candidates seeking senior executive and management roles. Not only is the Internet the medium of choice for 50% of employers seeking potential hires, but 84% will take the time to research candidates online before making a final decision.

“Creating an online presence is now more essential than ever,” said Suhail Masri, Vice President of Sales, “The world is turning increasingly to the internet as a comprehensive source for employment needs. provides the tools job seekers need to boost their online presence, to give them the best possible chance at gaining employment.”

Mr. Masri added, “With the widespread popularity of social media, it is especially important that candidates monitor their internet presence by ensuring that they have a professional presence on the Web that employers can find quickly when they search for them. With more than eight out of 10 employers taking the time to search the Internet to find out more about their potential hires, maintaining a savoury, professional online profile could be the key to securing – or losing – a job. That’s why we rolled out’s Public Profiles platform last year: professionals can comfortably and easily create a professional online presence today that is targeted towards the region’s employers.”

Employers state that sourcing relevant candidates is one of the biggest challenges faced when hiring for senior executives and management positions (according to 29.2% of the poll’s respondents). This would suggest that the chances of employment are higher for candidates who have a prominent online presence, as they have more opportunity to stand out from the competition and get seen and contacted by top employers.

In terms of what employers are looking for in senior executives and management candidates, one third of the poll’s respondents (34%) placed the most value in leadership and management skills. However, a candidate with technical excellence and industry knowledge is also considered highly attractive. The majority of employers (37.5%) prefer to have a well-rounded candidate who can satisfy the above-mentioned criteria in addition to several more, such as a track record of innovation, being a good cultural fit, as well as the quality and quantity of their relationships.

“ has been catering to the online recruitment of managerial and senior executive professionals since the jobsite’s inception in 2000 and more than 69% of’s community of over 8.5 million professionals today is comprised of mid-career, management and senior executive talent,” added Mr. Masri. “’s managerial professional talent pool includes seasoned practitioners and senior executive management talent from all the region’s hot growth industries including banking and financial services professionals, construction industry professionals, oil and gas industry professionals, IT industry professionals, hospitality industry professionals and senior management across the industry spectrum in sales, marketing, engineering, teaching, medical, manufacturing, design and other roles. Our InstantMatch tool is designed to give employers access to the best technology available when it comes to selecting the ideal candidate from such a large pool of choice. employers benefit from the winning combination of unprecedented levels of choice with powerful search and screening technology to find the most relevant and attractive CVs in the easiest and most effective and expedient manner.”

According to the poll, choosing candidates from within the same industry is preferred by nearly eight out of 10 employers (77.3%), while 42.2% would prefer to fill their top-level positions with promotions from within of their current employees. With more than half of the poll’s respondents (50.8%) claiming that their company has a clear management track, the potential for career growth within the same company in the MENA region is relatively high.

In terms of the actual recruitment process, 56% of poll respondents claim that it differs significantly when hiring senior executives to juniors. Six out of 10 employers (62%) are unhappy with their company’s process for hiring top level employees, and the process itself can take up to three months (according to 68.4% of respondents). In 18% of hiring situations, coming to a hiring can take six months or more.

Once hired, however, senior executives and management are considered to be more stable than junior employees according to 63.2% of the poll respondents. This could be because 45.1% of employees in those roles consider it gets harder to change jobs as you rise up the career ranks. Given that the majority of employers (31.1%) are currently predominantly hiring junior executives, this might be the right assumption.

Data for the Hiring Management in the MENA poll was collected online from June 21 – August 22 2012, with 6,665 respondents covering more than 12 countries in the MENA region.

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