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There is?finally good news for job seekers in the UAE. According to a leading HR group in the country, now maybe is the good time to scout for a new job.

Lama Atayam Chief Marketing Officer at said, ?We have definitely seen an up tick in the hiring momentum in our key markets and this bodes well for professionals who may have been sitting tight and averse to taking any career risks in the relatively slower days. They may now find it a good time to explore many new opportunities.

?Although employers had the upper-hand, post the economic crisis, due to the abundant pool of talents that was left stranded after layoffs, it is important for competitive top-caliber talent to understand that they are always sought after regardless of financial and economic situation.?

According to new findings, the job market is definitely changing, improving the prospects of candidates looking for a change. With increased investor confidence in the country, it is definitely the prefect time for job seekers to hit their pot luck.

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