BenQ TK800 Review: True 4K UHD Home Cinematic Experience on a Budget

BenQ TK800 Review
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Size matters. Especially when it comes to our TV screens. With size of TV’s getting thinner and thinner as technology advances, the screen size is getting bigger and bigger. These days it’s not uncommon to find average size of TV’s at 55 or 65 inches and above.

As our home TV screens get bigger and bigger, the fight between TV’s and projectors, which can create a near-cinema experience, is becoming intense. However, projectors are still way ahead when it comes to price-screen ratio compared to TVs.

To illustrate the point further, to get an immersive experience at your home on a bigger screen, a 100” TV will cost a lot more. To be precise, AED 169,999 for a Sony UHD with 3D support.

Although advanced projectors are used in movie theaters, projectors were typcially found in corporate offices for power point presentations.

However, now there is a shift happening. What if there is a projector which can give you nearly an experience of big screen TV for a fraction of price? Meet Benq’s TK800 projector model for Home Screen Cinema. Budget friendly. Priced at AED 5399. Although TK800 comes with built-in 5W speakers, if you still want to add better speakers it will only cost you a couple of hundred bucks more. The TK 800 projector can produce an image up to 300” in size that it’s as easy to setup as pointing it at a white wall.

We got a chance to review the BenQ TK 800 and test it out.

For starters, the TK800 model is targeted at sports enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of the action. The dedicated modes for football and sports is intended to give 4K HDR quality with XPR & DLP technology a true life-like projection.

“BenQ’s TK800 is designed to showcase the world’s greatest sporting events. It completely captures the excitement and thrill of watching live sports while at home. With dedicated Football and Sports modes and 4K HDR quality it makes the viewers feel as if they are attending the event in person,” said Manish Bakshi, Managing Director of BenQ Middle East & Turkey. He also added, “BenQ looks forward to provide life-like experiences to its consumers with its enhanced technology.”

From our experience, TK 800 is ideal for a movie session, immersive gaming, or even watching the big match.

The projector’s 3000 lumens seems to tackle nicely the ambient light problem typically seen with older projector models. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having to have a complete dark room for an immersive home cinema experience.

Looking at some of the top features of TK800:

• True 4K UHD 8.3 Million Pixel Perfection
• Hyper-Realistic Video Quality with Projector-Optimized HDR
• 3D Compatibility
• 3000 Lumens High Brightness
• BenQ Cinematic Color Technology for Supreme Colors
• Built-In 5W Speakers
• Lightest 4K Projector in the World at 4.2 kgs

Additonally, the TK800 projector has got some unique features including:

  • 3D capable in native 1080p mode, which is one of the primary distinguishing factors from several other 4K projectors
  • Auto keystone correction for easy setup
  • Dedicated football and sports audio visual modes

Weighing just 4.2 kgs, the TK800’s design is sleek and compact, and blends perfectly into any décor. The home screen cinema projector will be a chic addition to your living room with simple and convenient set-up.

TK 800’s has got a decent 4000 hours of lamp life in full lamp mode, and 15,000 hours in smart eco mode.

So, there you have it. BenQ’s TK800 provides easy portability, configuration, convenience and brilliant cinematic experience at a pocket-friendly price.

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a cinephile or want to enliven your gaming action, rest assured, the TK800 will deliver on its promise.

BenQ TK800 is priced at AED 5399 and available online , and also available at leading outlets @ Sharaf DG, Jumbo & Emax.

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