A little bird makes the U.N. sing

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UN Building in New York
UN Building in New York

The U.N. General Assembly on Monday passed the resolution 174, urging Tel Aviv to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to have access to its nuclear facilities. This was promptly refused by the Israeli regime. Not only did it reject but it refused to comply under the international regulatory inspections, the NPT.

Israel refuses to confirm or deny that it has nuclear bombs though, it is widely believed to have a nuclear arsenal. It has refused to join the NPT, along with three nuclear weapon states – India, Pakistan and North Korea.

All that said and done, the interesting element in this case is that the U.N General Assembly has overwhelmingly backed a high level conference to ban nuclear weapons from the Middle East which was previously supposedly ‘postponed.’

All the Arab nations and Iran planned on attending this high profile conference in mid December in Helsinki. However on November 23, the US said it was not to take place on schedule due to, what it called, the special conditions in the Middle East. Iran and some Arab nations countered that the real reason for the cancellation was Israel’s refusal to attend.

This conference has been in the making since 1995. The Arab nations proposed to create a weapons of mass destruction free zone in the Mideast to pressure Israel and was endorsed at an NPT conference in 1995, but was never acted on. In 2010, the 189 parties to the 1970 treaty called for convening a conference in 2012 on the establishment of a WMD-free zone in the Middle East.

However Israel has been using the excuse that peace should prevail in the region before the proposal can be implemented.  The region’s Muslim nations argue that Israel’s undeclared nuclear arsenal presents the greatest threat to peace in the region.

Everything said and done, the timing of the U.N. to back an already postponed without further notice conference seems to be interesting. It is interesting when u look at the series of event which has taken place.  Could it be a coincidence that on November 23rd the US refused to attend the conference on banning Israeli nuclear weapons and on November 26th the IAEA server was hacked and the names and emails of people who worked at IAEA was published. Then on December 3rd the U.N. is telling Israel to comply with IAEA. Something smells fishy!

“The hacking attack on IAEA may not be a consequential event for the rest of the world,” James Peterson a self proclaimed hacker lover told Arabian Gazette. “However it sure has made IAEA piss in its pants. Why would it force the U.N.’s hand in the matter?”

“The International Community refuses to listen to the voice of the common man on the streets.” Peter Enburg a hacker told Arabian Gazette. “Hacking high profile corporations send the point across, loud and clear. Now it forces them to take note. That is what happened with the case of IAEA and Israel.”

“There is no way Israel is going to confer with the U.N.”, Mohammad Rashad a political student in Abu Dhabi told Arabian Gazette. “The U.N. dances to the tunes of Uncle Sam. This time the U.N.’s hands have been successfully twisted, all the praise goes to ‘Parasatoo‘.

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