Blackberry ‘For Sale’

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Who knew that name of fruits would become names of technological giants? Blackberry, a Canadian smartphone company was very successful in the past, but has been losing market share to Apple and other makers for years.

According to a report by IDC, BlackBerry’s global smartphone market share in the 2nd quarter was 2.9 percent compared to the same period in 2012, when BB had a 4.9 percent share.

As of now, Blackberry is officially For Sale.

BlackBerry logo.

Smartphone revolution

Recent years have been revolutionary for the smartphone market, with giants like Apple and Google (Android OS) taking the competition to new levels. Nokia made a slow but steady comeback into the market by collaborating with Microsoft and introducing the Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia phones. The additional competition has made it difficult for Blackberry to maintain its position in the market.

End of Blackberry, as we know it? 

Perhaps yes. According to reports, Blackberry is considering the option of ‘selling’ itself. With the cloud of desperation hanging around, Blackberry is not willing to take any chances.

There’s another question though, who would want to buy Blackberry?

Experts believe that some private equity firms might be interested in a deal, some have even suggested that some of Blackberry’s competitors might make an offer. But then again, the whole ‘sell-out’ business is coming out of desperation, and companies may not be willing to get involved. Blackberry is famous for its ‘executive’ phones, with their proprietary and very sophisticated email system. There’s also BBM (Blackberry Messenger) service.

Samsung, a potential buyer?

According to some reports Samsung might consider trying to get a slice of the Blackberry pie. This might seems surprising at first, as Samsung has built its reputation around Android OS. But the company could be trying to distance itself from Android OS for a while just to make a product that is different from its other smartphones.

Some Chinese companies also seem interested in buying Blackberry, but that would bring up a lot of other issues. Blackberry has a good base in U.S., but the involvement of a Chinese company might lower stock shares even further.

Among all the rumors and reports one thing seems certain. The sell-out should happen as soon as possible, otherwise it will be too late. The company’s already in a very troubled state and any delay right now might damage it further.

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