Bloomsbury’s unveils world’s most expensive ‘edible cup cake’

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the golden phoenix
The Golden Phoenix - Bloomsbury's most expensive 'edible cup cake'. Photo provided.

Bloomsbury’s officially opened at The Dubai Mall on Thursday 28th June 2012. The new boutique café in Dubai marks the one year anniversary of Bloomsbury’s which opened it’s doors to food lovers last year in Abu Dhabi.

The new store is located on the lower ground floor of The Dubai Mall and is one of many new locations due to open in the Gulf. Bloomsbury’s brings the luxurious taste of London to Dubai with its boutique cupcakes and confectionaries along with world renowned teas and coffees.

The opening event at The Dubai Mall was inaugurated by Mr Yusuff Ali MA (EMKE Group) and saw the unveiling of “The Most Expensive ‘Edible’ Cupcake” named “The Golden Phoenix” using the finest, most expensive ingredients available from around the world.

Afternoon tea was served to guests and the setting of the opening was very English indeed, the ambiance was set with street lamps and London street signage, definitely a rare sight for sore eyes at The Dubai Mall.  After the ceremonial ribbon cutting, The most expensive ‘edible’ cupcake, The Golden Phoenix, was rolled in on a lush, Italian, Villari 24 carat gold plated Maria Antoinette Princess Tea Trolley and presented on a 24 carat gold painted Empire Morning Cake Stand with Cloch. The unveiling of The Golden Phoenix presentation exceeded $28,000 (AED100,000).

Curiosity about “The most expensive ’edible’ cupcake started at the beginning of June when Ms. Shafeena Yusuff Ali announced that she wanted to attempt the daring task.

Since then food bloggers, friends and media had been itching to see and taste the rich chocolate, gold infused masterpiece.

Ms. Shafeena Yusuff Ali spent weeks perfecting the taste of the recipe and decore of the cupcake and finalised the top 5 most expensive, tasteful ingredients.

Flour  – Doves organic flour from the United Kingdom

Butter  – Rachels organic butter from the United Kingdom

Chocolate  – Premium Amedei Porcelena cocoa from Italy

Vanilla Beans – Gold Ugandan high quality vanilla beans

Edible Gold Sheet  – 23 carat gold

After thorough research it was discovered that no one had ever attempted to bake such an expensive cupcake. The masterpiece which has been named The Golden Phoenix which is only available at Bloomsbury’s at The Dubai Mall and is valued at $1,010 (3,700 AED) and presented on a 24 carat gold Empire Morning Cake Stand with Cloch by Villari.

Mr Vinay Lall, General Manager of Tablez Food Company said: “We are really excited to have unveiled the most expensive “edible” cupcake in the world, “The Golden Phoenix”. We have seen people attempt the most expensive cupcakes before, however those cupcakes are not edible as they are incrusted with diamonds and other components. That is why we decided that we would take the realistic approach and present the most expensive “edible” cupcake in the world using the real meaning of the words “Let them eat Cake.”

Bloomsbury’s opened its first boutique café in June 2011 at the Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi followed by their second store at Mushriff Mall, selling a record 225,013 cupcakes in just under a year.

The concept of Bloomsbury’s has been created by young entrepreneur Ms Shafeena Yusuff Ali, daughter of Mr Yusuff Ali MA, Chairman of EMKE group.

Other hidden gems of Tablez Food Company include Peppermill (Dubai), De Thali (Abu Dhabi), Tanjara (Abu Dhabi) and soon to come a unique concept Chai Biscoot.

About Bloomsbury’s

Ms Shafeena Yusuff Ali brainstormed the concept after a trip to the UK where she spent the summer roaming the streets of London to come up with a boutique café concept now recognized as Bloomsbury’s.

She said: “The concept is very clean and to the point, Bloomsbury’s represents the English culture in boutique café dining. Our aim is to redefine the cupcakes in the Gulf, why can’t a cupcake taste as good as it looks and look as good as it tastes. Bloomsbury’s have already created their own thriving food scene in the Middle East, similar to those that can be found in cities such as New York, Paris and London.  We have taken great care in every aspect of the Bloomsbury’s concept, from the ingredients of our cupcakes, to training our staff to the highest prestige level, to the finer interior details of our Boutique. We have left no leaf unturned to create this unique, prestige brand that brings us in line with other niché, avant garde brands.”

Bloomsbury’s is also proud to offer the luxurious Jing Tea at their boutique café’s, which is served only at some of the world’s most exclusive restaurants including Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, The Savoy Hotel and Joel Robuchon.


At Bloomsbury’s it’s simple: Team quality ingredients with skilled hands to produce what can only be described as the best cupcakes in the Middle East. All of the cupcakes are baked onsite in a large open plan kitchen to ensure guests have the freshest cupcake made by hand in Dubai.

With a boutique and luxury range of cupcakes, breakfast, afternoon tea, sandwiches Bloomsbury’s veer from the everyday norm with their new and exciting flavours. Bloomsbury’s use of local ingredients such as dates, pistachio, rosewater and saffron, not only elevate the taste of the cupcake but pay homage to the rich culture of Dubai.


Jing is renowned as one the definitive tea experiences in the world, talking time to hand select teas from the finest farms in China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Taiwan with direct relationships with the growers jing take the upmost care in maintaining the quality of the leaves. As world leaders jing supply exclusive establishments such as the Savoy Hotel, the Fat Duck &Joel Robuchon to name only a few.

Bloomsbury’s is committed to providing the ultimate tea experience in Dubai. By creating a tea service, which focuses on brewing technique and taste, guests are given a tea timer and instructions to ensure optimum taste of the tea is achieved. It is the simplicity of this tea service, which allows the quality of the tea to speak for itself.


Bloomsbury’s is a unique dining experience, which transports guests to a modern British setting. With vintage tea cups as sugar bowls and cake stands commissioned exclusively for Bloomsbury’s by up and coming London ceramics designer Tina Tsang, guests can’t help but think they are in Bloomsbury London. Bloomsbury is an area located in the heart of Central London, made famous by a group of revolutionary writers and intellectuals who inhabited in the area in the 1920’s. The group of free thinking individuals challenged the existing conventions of society with their views on the topics of the time. Bloomsbury’s channels the freethinking attitude of the original Bloomsbury group, with its commitment to producing luxury food with sophisticated tastes.

In designing Shafeena Yusuff Ali has conceptualised Bloomsbury’s to fit seamlessly within Dubai’s existing vibrant culture. By creating an avante garde concept inspired by London and influence by the City it resides in. Bloomsbury’s rivals its European counterparts to provide luxurious food for cosmopolitan travellers and the residents of Dubai. Our other branches are at Mushriff Mall & Al Wahda Mall.

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