BOLDtalks Woman 2015 Promises Even Stronger Line-up of Speakers in its third annual Event

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BOLDtalks Woman continues to bring to light the incredible stories of women – looking at both their challenges and triumphs – and encouraging solutions to women’s issues.

‘When you invest in a woman, change happens. Because when a woman thrives, a family thrives, a community prospers, and an entire nation creates the foundations for peace and prosperity.’

BOLDtalks Women 2015 poster

Event Organizers Announced they Would be Including a London West-End Theatrical Play as Part of its Inspiring Speakers Programme

BOLDtalks – one of the leading event organizers in the UAE announced it will be hosting another line-up of incredible stories of inspirational women from around the world this coming Saturday at DUCTAC Theatre in Dubai. BOLDtalks Women, in its third edition, has become one of the most sought out annual events in Dubai amongst both women and men; one that brings some incredible stories of women to the light by looking at both their challenges and triumphs – and encouraging solutions to women’s issues.

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Enida Mujanovic, BOLDtalks Co-Founder emphasized the importance of female empowerment through real life examples of women who triumphed over adversity in its diverse forms. ‘When you invest in a woman, change happens. Because when a woman thrives, a family thrives, a community prospers, and an entire nation creates the foundations for peace and prosperity,’ believes Enida.

This year’s BOLDtalks Woman event will focus on a selection of very powerful discussions that include an Inspiring Story of a Cancer-Survivor, a Brave Investigative Journalist who documented Women’s Lives Under the Taliban Rule and the Opium Brides Phenomenon to Creating the Positive Transformational Change.

“The BOLDtalks women’s event is a remarkable platform for women of all cultures and backgrounds to come together and share their experiences and visions, their challenges and inspirations,” says Omar Boulos, managing director for Accenture in the Middle East. “Women in this region are pioneers, they are innovators, and they are agents of change. We are proud to support BOLDtalks and its aim of highlighting the positive difference and the leadership that women are bringing to our region.”

General Manager Mark McCarthy of Arjaan by Rotana, a supporting sponsor of the event, pointed out the importance of empowerment through tangible insight and said, “These powerful stories that we see under the spotlight each year are first-hand insight that a tremendous number of people can identify with and ultimately draw strength from. The BOLDtalks team has managed to bring together a diverse group of women who are generous enough to share their beautiful stories, it’s truly inspiring and we are ecstatic to be part of it!”

Moreover, after the intriguing talks, the participants will also enjoy a London West End theatre play Rest Upon the Wind – as part of the BOLDtalks Woman 2015 program.

Written by Nadim Sawalha, Rest Upon the Wind is a play inspired by the life and times of Lebanese literary giant Gibran Khalil Gibran. With a six strong London West End cast and an original sound score from award winning composer Jules Deering it mixes drama and comedy and instigates profound self-discovery.

BOLDtalks Woman 2015 is scheduled to take place on Saturday 18th April 2015 at DUCTAC, Mall of Emirates from 10 am – 4 pm.

BOLDtalks Woman 2015 will be moderated by Tiffany Kelly, a Founding Partner of RoundTable Global that focuses on creating empowerment and balance in the world.

Asking questions or sharing experiences with speakers or other fellow community members, is highly encouraged. Therefore, all BOLDtalks events host lengthy Questions & Answers sessions with the speakers.

Featured talks include:

Future Proof – The Importance of Gender Balance By Tiffany Kelly
Gender equality and women in leadership are hot topics globally at the moment and are usually put into the bracket of diversity and inclusion. There is however a powerful business case for creating gender balance in your organizations in terms of being able to proactively anticipate market trends, innovate accordingly and create a sustainable future. Tiffany explains why woman should be more than just a leadership quota and how to empower this fantastic resource and unlock its talent.

I’m Still Standing By Ghadeer Kunna
Ghadeer speaks about the lesson she learned through her cancer – the one thing that specifically stood out for her is that her pre- and post-cancer lives aren’t separate at all, but rather a continuum. She joins the BOLDtalks platform to share her incredible story and her goal to combine all what she was and had learned before, with what she knows now and to be a better global citizen and civil servant by helping others.

The Girls of the Taliban By Najibulah Quraishi
Najibullah discusses his powerful documentary on the Afghani women and the status of girls’ education in Taliban controlled areas. Najibullah is an award winning Afghan journalist and filmmaker. He has worked with Jamie Doran in making Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death, Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines, and The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan. Since 2002 he has been living in the United Kingdom and is a winner of the Rory Peck Award, the Sony International Impact award and Amnesty International Media Award for his work.

Fearless Living By Denis Liam Murphy
Denis shares stories from around the world that demonstrate not only that we create our own world but also that when we take full responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, and learn from it, amazing and transformational change can happen. Denis has traveled the world helping women to overcome self-limiting beliefs and release their fears. His fascinating insights on why and how we limit our possibilities in relationships, life and work will create a paradigm shift in thinking, which can ultimately lead to effortless and fearless living.

Through Artist’s Eyes By Lama Khatib Daniel
Lama joins BOLDtalks Woman 2015 to draw some of the talks live on stage as they are being presented, as her own artistic interpretation of the presented discussions. The completed works will be donated to Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

Theatrical Production ‘Rest Upon the Wind’
The award winning London West End play is based on times and life of one of the world’s greatest poets Gibran Khalil Gibran, and written by Nadim Sawalha, a renowned actor and writer. This generous, funny and moving new play celebrates the Arab sense of humour and family warmth through the relationship of Khalil Gibran and his sister Myranna as they struggle to adapt to life in America.

Discussion with Nadim; the Writer of Rest Upon the Wind By Nadim Sawalha
Nadim is an award winning Jordanian actor and writer. Nadim started his career as a radio program producer for the BBC Arabic Service before successfully extending his career to the London Stage, TV and international films. Starring in the title role of the film ‘Captain Abu Raed’, Nadim won an award for the best actor at the Dubai International Film Festival in December 2007 and three more internationally. He has written and staged four other pieces including a satire, ‘All I Want Is A British Passport’ and ‘Love In Andalucia’. In 1997, both to his delight and surprise, Nadim became a subject of ‘This is Your Life’ for BBC1.

Tickets are priced 250dhs, and you can get them at DUCTAC’s Box Office (04 3414 777) or online

Here’s a few testimonials from BOLDtalks Women 2014 event:

“The words of each speaker touched my life in such profound ways. You inspired me, you encouraged me, I am so grateful, thank you!”

“BOLDtalks Women 2014 resonated with me at various levels. I was/am engaged, energized, enthralled, and empowered In gratitude! Thank you BOLDtalks for such an enlightening, inspiring, empowering event…looking forward to more such events. All the best to the team!”

“Thank you in bringing these exceptional, courageous, passionate and inspiring women together for BOLDtalks Woman 2014. What a fantastic event, once again, with such a high quality line up of speakers who illustrated through their own journeys and lives, determination to overcome obstacles, faith, a caring attitude and showed the powerful role one person can play that can make a difference in so many lives. Loved every moment. I would encourage anyone who can, to make sure not to miss upcoming events. So worth while!!!”

“BOLDtalks was the right mix of social activism, inspiring storytellers and beautiful music. Love to see homegrown Dubai brands like this bringing change makers into our space to encourage and connect and grow our ethos. Well done!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed each and every story, they made me cry, smile and gave me goose bumps. Looking forward to their next event!”

“Open hearts…open minds…an amazingly rewarding day of intellect…hats off to the team at BOLDtalks”.

“Thank you, I applaud you all for being who you are and doing what you do.”

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