Bombay Shirt Company Offers True Omnichannel Custom Shirt Experience

Bombay Shirt Company 's store in DIFC, Dubai
Bombay Shirt Company 's store in DIFC, Dubai
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Bombay Shirt Company is the only custom shirt brand providing a true Omnichannel experience through three channels – online, store and home visits

Retailers usually find it difficult to provide a seamless brand experience in the store as well as online. Bombay Shirt Company delivers a beautiful omnichannel experience for custom made shirts across not two, but three channels – store, online and visiting stylist. The brand does this by marrying contemporary technologies with old school tailoring techniques and mixing with it a passion for happy customers.

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The experience is centered around what customers really want in a great shirt – world class fabrics, perfect fit and ability to design a shirt to match one’s personality. Of course, all of this at an affordable price!

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When you are sitting in front of their experienced stylists either in their Dubai store or in the comfort of your home, they try to get to know your preferred lifestyle and guide you through a simple but powerful step-by-step process of designing your shirt. Result – a great shirt that is as unique as you.

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But what happens if you are ordering the shirt online? Exactly the same. Even the website is designed to intuitively guide you through simplified steps of selecting your fabric and then choosing your collar, cuff, etc. You feel like a stylist designing your own shirt while the website shows you how your shirt will look like for the chosen combinations. Checkout

Bombay Shirt Company’s online shop allows you to customize your shirt – just the way you want it to be!

The important part in a shirt is sizing. Bombay Shirt Company believes that the fit of the shirt has tremendous impact on the overall look. The ‘FitSmart’ sizing algorithms ensure that by asking a set of questions like choosing a body-type and selecting preference for slim or loose fit, your sizing is perfected. Alternatively you can get measured by the master tailor in the store or at home – or do it yourself with full guidance on the website.

Of course, this comes with the guarantee of a perfect fit or a full remake till you are satisfied. Your perfected fit is stored in your account for you to keep ordering without worrying about sizing. Unless you lose that fat – in which case your shirt is altered for free!

The delivery process is based on your choice – collect it from store or get it delivered directly to you. What more can one ask for?

With multiple stores across India, Dubai and New York, the brand provides a luxury omnichannel experience while disproving the notion that custom-made means expensive. Try it out at their Dubai store in DIFC that is open all days of the week or checkout online on All set to change the way people buy shirts.

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