Bombay Shirt Company – Simplifying the Art of Shirt Making

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Getting a ‘great’ shirt is either a hassle or getting one made is boring. Bombay Shirt Company is on a mission to provide great shirts that the wearer simply loves. Custom made for the self made. Designed by you, crafted by Bombay Shirt Company.

When it comes to perfect shirts, we think it’s time to transition yourself from readymade to the tailor-made culture.

“The three F’s that men love in a shirt – Fabric, Fit and Fashion (or Design”) – Nikita Shah, MD, Bombay Shirt Company Dubai.

Today to buy a shirt, it’s normal to think of brands like Marks and Spencer, Sacoor Brothers, Massimo Dutti, Zara and H&M. You just walk into a store and hope that you find that perfect pattern with a perfect fit. But let’s face it, that doesn’t always work out does it? We splurge cash on readymade shirts for the mere convenience of it.

But what if I told, there lies a brand out there that makes tailor made shirts with the perfect fit of your body but at better price than the ready-made counterparts? You see that’s where the Bombay Shirt Company comes in. Launched in 2012, it is the first online custom shirt brand in India. They’re trying to disrupt the formal wear industry one shirt at a time. Pretty kickass punch-line don’t you think?

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Bombay Shirt Company is targeting not just the custom-shirt market, but anyone who likes shirt.

“We are targeting anyone who wears a shirt. We are a brand that provides great shirt and instead of buying ill-fitting shirts off the rack, we invite people to design and get their own shirts made. So no matter what brand people are wearing today, once they try us, we will find space in their wardrobe,” says Nikita.

5 Imperfections in Readymade Shirts

“Many a times it happens, you buy a ready made shirt – you love it but something is missing,” says Nikita.

According to her, there are several reasons for the imperfections in readymade shirts:

Collar- the collar is too big for your stature or that collar doesn’t suit you – may be if the shirt would have been with a different collar or a different width it would have looked fantastic on you.

Cuff– the width of the cuff is too big or small for your body stature

Sleeves– The sleeves are too long or too short

Fit– The fit of the shirt – may be you don’t need box pleats – which is making the shirt super loose on you

Style- The fabric is good, fit is good, but still something may be missing which is style. The ability to add a dash of colour in the collar and under the cuff, to bring out the individuality with a contrast and to move away from a simple plain shirt is what makes a difference. Elegant difference.

In a world where fashion changes fast and products are meant to be worn only a few times, Nikita says that their shirts are timeless and yet with a high quotient of style and elegance.

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The Process

We visited the brand’s franchise in one of Dubai’s trendiest and business dominated districts, Dubai International Financial Centre. We were welcomed with a bunch of friendly smiles, and we knew we were up for a delightful experience.

Bombay Shirt Company has streamlined the entire process of making a custom shirt into roughly nine different parameters. The idea is to take the least amount of time to design a trendy shirt with the perfect fit. You start off by allowing the in-house tailor to take your accurate measurements so that everything is perfect to the single thread.

Multitude of options to choose from when design your own shirt on Bombay Shirt Company’s website.


First you select a fabric. The vast variety of designs to choose from can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily the staff with their rich experience and knowledge of the latest trends can give you suggestions based on colors that match your skin tone, physique, taste and preferences. You’ve got budget friendly and premium fabrics depending on how deep the hole in your pocket is. No kidding. This isn’t your average shirt shop. There’s a twist in everything.


Next you select your collar style, and this can vary from designs like the ‘concealed polo’ or a simple wing. Don’t worry, you’ve got like 14 different collars to choose from but better, yet you can actually decide whether you want a stiff or a soft collar.


Just when you thought that was all the personalization you could make, you now decide the sleeves. Now most of us young folks prefer to fold up our sleeves. This could be due to comfort or simply because we want to look cool. Again, you’ve got about 6 types of sleeves and cuffs to choose from so this comes down to personal choice and whether you’re going for a purely formal shirt or a semi-formal one that you could wear for casual events.


While I was choosing my preferences for my shirt, the fashion designer who had come in from India to assist the customers told me that pockets are now considered old-fashioned. I mean everyone has their own taste but I kind of agree with the guy. Placing your phone in your shirt pocket is pretty awkward given how big most phones are today. You certainly can’t fit in your wallets. Morever, it gives the shirt a neat look without the pocket.


Must admit this was a concept that was entirely new to me. To have your initials stitched either on your collar, cuff or rib, I mean wow. That’s some insane level of customization. Kind of reminded me of something Harvey Specter would wear from the hit TV series ‘Suits’

It’s not mandatory but it really does add a nice touch to it. Little inside story. About a week later when I received my shirt, I had my initials printed on my cuff and someone actually noticed it while shaking my hand and said, “Wow. That’s good attention to detail. Very elegantly done”

See. Pretty cool indeed!


You actually get to decide what is inside and outside the collar. No jokes. You could have a solid white shirt with a green color lining inside your collar. It’s not something for everyone to see easily but something different for you to enjoy while wearing the shirt. The lining is visible when you bend over to pick something up and your collar moves a little here and there.

You even get to decide the collar piping whether you want a regular fabric or a kind of patterned tape inside.

Front and Back Style

Again. Everything in this outlet in Dubai was a learning experience for me. There are different styles for your front. You can have all the buttons exposed or hidden. You can have that bit thick or thin. Regular or French. I mean, the options are aplenty. Even how the shirt looks from the back you get to decide. Designs like the box, side, darts, thought I don’t know what any of those means being the little noob I am, the designer would be more than happy to help you decide what’s best.

Even how the shirt ends at the bottom, whether you want rounded corners or a tail which is like a small fabric extension that isn’t significant to notice from far but a cool additional to watch from close proximity.

Moreover, to do all this customizations elegantly is fun and this adds an element of belonging in the shirt. And all these options are not only available in the store but also online as well.

You are the designer. And this is your baby. Finely crafted by Bombay Shirts Company.

Quality Assurance

Bombay Shirts Company’s customers have an option to choose from over 1500 fabrics from different mills. When asked on how they ensure quality of fabrics, Nikita says “our fabrics are sourced from a handful and handpicked mills around the world. These are mills known for their superior quality of fabrics.”

The key is fabric selection. Besides relying on their merchandisers to jointly select or create fabrics with the mills, the company also take inputs from our customers as to what they are imagining in their shirts. As for design, most of the styling of our shirts is timeless and yet elegantly fits in with the trends.


To be honest, I found the pricing to be a lot more reasonable compared to what you’d pay for a readymade shirt at any leading brand. You’re getting a custom-made shirt that’s made from scratch. A lot of effort goes into making that piece of art. They have a plethora of options that caters to everyone’s needs. You’ve got shirts starting AED 195 and it can go up to a few thousands depending on the brand and quality of materials you chose. Whether you’re on a tight budget or want to go all out, Bombay Shirts Company has options to choose from for everyone.

The Result

Well, you end up with a shirt that you designed from scratch that fits every single aspect of your body perfectly provided you don’t bulk up in that brief period from when the measurements were taken to when the shirt is delivered to you.

Here’s our Editor wearing a shirt crafted by Bombay Shirts Company!

The best part about the whole process is that once your measurements are taken, the next time you want to order something, you can do it sitting in the comfort of your home. They have an AI based FitSmart algorithm in case you’re too lazy to come down to the store to get your measurements taken.

According to Nikita, Bombay Shirts Company is the only shirt brand that offers three seamless channels of store, online and travelling stylist – offering full convenience to the customers. So if you would rather have them come to your place you can just call their Dubai store and they will send their traveling stylist and tailor to you.

They have special offers depending on how many shirts you buy. For example, the 5+1 offer where if you order 6 shirts, the sixth one is free.

According to our experience, Bombay Shirts Company has really simplified the art of designing a shirt and making it fun and informative.


Corporate Collaboration

Bombay Shirt Company, Dubai, has recently launched corporate collaborations to make employees and teams happy. The corporate collaborations include exclusive discount deals for companies and their employees on top of free styling consultations. These exclusive discount deals can be activated both in their Dubai store or online.

Refer a Friend and Get a Free Shirt!

An existing customer (Referrer) can refer a friend who have never shopped with Bombay Shirt Company before.

The friend needs to share with the stylist taking the order the E-mail id or Phone number along with a full name of the Referrer. In return the referrer gets a free shirt – Refer a friend and never buy a shirt again.

With multiple stores across India, United States and now the United Arab Emirates,Bombay Shirts Company provides a luxurious experience at a reasonable price to cater to your formal wear requirements. The outlet in Dubai is located in DIFC at the Central Park Tower on Al Omlaat Street.

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