Books – A Man’s Best Friend, Philosopher and Guide

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True friends are advisors who will explain concepts and help you deal with issues by getting you involved in it. This enables one to understand situations in a better manner, and deal with it using their own peace of mind as well as knowledge of previous experiences.

Books are a man?s best friend. In crucial issues of life, books can also be looked up for inspiration. They can change our perspectives of life and also can teach its tips and tricks of the trade. Following ones are the top ten books in the line of business and are a must read?in my opinion:

? Trust Agents: Using the web to build influence, improve reputation and earn trust By: Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

One realises through this book how important trust factor is in today’s world. Lots of clever people out there can deceive you at the blink of your eye, and the risk is getting bigger and more dangerous as it reaches the web. Organisations have to really take the initiative today to build trust on their online portals, where they are able to reach out to maximum number of people all over the world.

? How to win friends and influence people By: Dale Carnegie

This book provides a step by step process as how one can gain confidence and the ability to inspire others. Four main ways are: The fundamental techniques in handling people; six ways to make people like you; win them through your way of thinking and, be a leader ? changing them without being offensive or without any argument. Business is not only about success, but the path you build towards success matters the most.

? Who moved my cheese? By Spencer Jonson

This book focuses on the fact that change is inevitable and how one and the organisations should change along with the changing times as well. Mice characters, Sniff and Scurry, take the readers into a thought provoking journey, where sometimes playing safe is not always the right thing to do, and it is important to take risks in life for the need to succeed. A wonderful book to read, and its simplistic form and language makes it a good quick read.

? The sixty second motivator By Jim Johnson

Another quick read, can be read in an hour or so, it is an enriching story about a young physiotherapist, who despite doing a good job is not succeeding in motivating his patients to do the exercises. On his journey to search for means of motivation for them, he encounters a man who is nicknamed the ?sixty second motivator?. Hence the fruitful journey pays off and he ends up inspiring his patients in a very short span of time. Motivation is a key component in any field or aspect of life.

? Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics By Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

When Economics freaks you out, you should get Freakonomics. Imagine if you start questioning everything happening around you ?. this is Superfreakonomics. You know the questions but surely you wouldn?t like to know the answers. New ideas, new thoughts, new desires, new concepts ? all come together as a brainwave, and tend to grow even more. A very good read from a business perspective.

? Shogun By: James Claville

It shows how leaders can influence/manipulate the people to achieve goals. They say, with great power, comes great responsibility. One of the major bestsellers, this book shows about how can one be a good leader and motivate the others and inspire, influence them to strive towards a goal. An interesting read indeed.

? Rework: 37 signal founders By Jason Fried and David Heinmeier Hanson

Some call it a guide, while others say it?s a new form of business book. It is a very fresh, down to earth and is written with a simplistic touch. Many human theories have been contradicted in this book as the author rewrites the ways of achieving success in your business, while touching on a variety of topics. In a modern, plain and direct form, this one surely is a good read and very much appropriate for many current business scenerios.

? Defy Gravity By Rebel Brown

This is a theme which concerns a lot of people today. It revolves around the question of bridging the realms of personal growth, healing and wellness, and saving the planet. The big describes the concept of coherence and congruence. In chapter six, the fifth mystical law, the writer tells us about how to ‘maintain spiritual congruency’.

Here’s an excerpt: “…one way of describing your goal is to say that you want to become a congruent human being.” “…in essence you are congruent when your beliefs match up with your everyday actions and your spiritual practice.” This is the crux of the matter according to me.

? The Knack ? how street smart entrepreneurs learn to handle whatever comes up By Norm Brodsky and Bo Burlingham

There is no magic formula for success in reality. According to the author of this book, it is all in the mind, the mentality, our attitude and our approach towards it that brings us success. A knack is something like a few set of golden rules one must follow if they want to walk on the pathway of success. For example, identifying your true competitors and treat them with respect, the life plan has to come before the business plan, and you have no friends in business ? only associates. These few knacks, if one follows, ensure the pathway of success.

? Management Myth By Matthew Stewart

According to Matthew Stewart, the secret to run a good business need not be learnt from a business school or business subjects, as the need to learn rises from philosophy and art. There is no need to read thick books and break your head with them. Instead use logic and presence of mind is more essential. In the end it is always practical experience that counts, and not theoretical. A very interesting concept towards life and business, a must read for all.

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