Boys and their Toys. What a wonderful world !!

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Here’s how it goes, whenever my husband comes home with a big smile on his face and a sparkle in his eye and a certain look that he gives me that says what a wonderful world! I know that he’s not just happy to see me, but in fact his company has just launched another new gadget that he fell in love with, AGAIN.

And being his life partner I should share his love through an hour long presentation-like conversation explaining how he first laid his eyes on her and how reliable, fast, beautiful and smart she is, i.e. the gadget; all the while keeping a smile on my face and acting all into it.

All that because of a conversation I previously had with him about communication and how we should share each others interests all to keep our relationship fresh and young.

Now, I have to bite and chew my own words and pretend to be interested in how the processor in this phone is faster or whatever adjective he gives it in comparison to another phone. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not interested in technology or so, but the man is obsessed.  Boys and their toys are inseparable he always tells me. I basically wrote in my marriage contract that a PlayStation shall never enter our house and he vowed to love despite that.

In fact, I happen to like technology and some of the boy toys he brings, but apparently women view these things in terms of how useful it would be for them, how light is it to carry in their purses, and how many baby applications they can download for free.

While men sit for hours with their friends talking about perks they NEVER actually use and how this model kicks the old models butt (and by older I mean a couple of minutes earlier). When in reality you won’t even notice the difference between this model and its older version.

See, I have come to narrow down the issue to make it more accessible to women. To men, gadgets and phones are what shoes and purses are to women. Even though you just bought the limited edition LV purse, when you see the new Evora MM you would sell a piece of your soul to the devil to get your hands on it.

When men spend hours talking about applications and speed and mega-something in a new gadget; women spend around the same time talking about the new collection at boutique 1.

Because of that epiphany I had, when my husband came a couple of weeks ago with the new version of the HTC flyer and sat for around an hour explaining to me how this kicks the iPad and the Samsung tablets butt, I was deciphering his words into shoe shopping terminology where instead of speed and application I heard red soul pumps with the nude color peep toe model, and how Christian Louboutin was able to reach Manolo Blahnik’s status in so little time.

Believe it or not, I was able to relate.

Although I wouldn’t go as far as saying tech shopping is as good as shoe shopping for women, but I understand where he’s coming from. And this definitely makes all the upcoming days of presentation-like conversation more bearable.

By Dina Kobeissi

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