British Academics Launch New University

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Leading British academics are all set to launch a new private university. This new university is aiming to be direct competition to Oxford and Cambridge; and will charge a tuition fee of 18,000 pounds a year.

As reported, the university will begin its first undergraduate courses in 2012 and will be funded with millions of pounds from private investors secured by eminent British philosopher AC Grayling. Fourteen famous academicians are a part of this project and will teach in the university; which includes evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and historians David Cannadine, Linda Colley and Niall Ferguson.

“Our students will be challenged to develop as skilled, informed and reflective thinkers, and will receive an education to match that aspiration.” said Professor AC Grayling. The college claims to offer a “new model of higher education for the humanities in the UK”.

The debut of a new university in the country comes after the government last year pushed through a massive hike in tuition fees at English state-run universities, allowing them to treble what they charge to a maximum of 9,000 pounds annually.

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