Business Social Media Interactions in the GCC to grow in 2013

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According to a recently sanctioned survey by the UAE based multilingual social network,, (Business-to-Business) B2B interactions on Social Networking sites in the GCC are set to increase in 2013. An Increasing number of internet users are utilising Social Media to interact with and reach out to brands. Timely responses encourage users to seek out their favourite brands and engage in a conversation. The survey was conducted by YouGov, a leading market research agency in UAE.

Alibek Issaev, Founder & Owner, said, “B2B interactions on Social Networking sites have a different approach than B2C and can be utilised to generate awareness, build thought leadership and strengthen the brand. conducted the survey to understand the behaviour of internet users in the GCC. As brands begin to explore the potential of their presence on Social Networking sites, the efforts to maintain a constant channel of communication are visible across the board. Communication is personalised, responses are immediate and content shared is tailor-made to suit their target audience.”

Key Highlights of the research

  • 35% of internet users in the GCC use social networking sites for business purposes of which KSA represents the highest at 43%
  • 93% of users in GCC using social networking sites for business purposes find it effective and useful. Kuwait represents the highest in this category at 96%
  • 16 % of users in the GCC use social networking sites to discuss products, services and brands. KSA and Bahrain represent 19% in this category individually
  • 55% of users on social networking sites in GCC are bilingual, 20% trilingual and 9% quadrilingual

Alibek added, “We are already witnessing the trend of businesses taking multilingual social networks such as more seriously to grow their business and the findings from the survey have reiterated the confidence. By connecting pages to the translation system we are providing a very selective networking platform for businesses to interact with their niche target audience.”

The translation service by utilises a self-learning system whereby it observes, understands and corrects dialects with time. Presently, the service is available to businesses in English, Arabic and Russian and will soon be available to all registered users.

The study was based on a sample of 2,632 respondents from the GCC, 32% of which were locals and 68% expats. The respondents to the survey are professionals at mainly supervisory and medium to senior managerial levels, and work in various fields including: Education and Academia 11%, Banking and finance 9%, Government and Civil service 6%, Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations 5%, IT 5%, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals 5%.

Other highlights from the Survey

  • 62% of the users in the region use Social Networking sites to stay in touch with real life friends
  • 39% use it for connecting with new people
  • 32% for connecting with new people with different cultural backgrounds
  • 30% use it to share videos and photos

 Infographic – B2B Social Media Interactions in the GCC to grow in 2013

B2B social media interactions_Infographic_2013
B2B social media interactions Infographic 2013
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