Cannes 2016

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A beautiful casting of notorious directors and glamorous actors

Cannes 2016

With the Cannes 2016 all set to be opened from 11th May to 22nd May, excitement is in the air. The festival will be attended by leading stars and directors from various countries for cinemas dealing with diverse topics.

“Among the 1869 feature films our team saw, we selected 49, 20 of which will be in competition. Last year, we had received in 1839, which is an increase compared to 1500 nominations in 2010 and 1000 15 years ago,” Thierry Fremaux, General Manager of Cannes Festival, explained. He went further detailing the amazing casting of notorious film directors and glamorous actors who will walk at the red carpet of 69th Cannes Festival.

“The sense of the great democracy of Cannes is that anyone who has realized a feature film more than 2 hours can be seen in Cannes.”

“Films in battle of freedom and the selection of the films reflects that,” Thierry Fremaux said explaining the motif of the famed festival this year at the Great Cannes Festival conference held at UGC cinema in Champs Elysee, Paris.

French but, international

Working around the clock, the Cannes festival burned the oil till 2 am at times to select films in be showcased.

The selections include 20 films and 17 in the category of “Un Certain Regard” from 28 countries. Almost half of the 49 films are in competition. The universality of selection is greatly emphasized because although the Cannes Film Festival is predominantly French and takes place in France, it carries an international spirit, a representative explained.

The hands behind the craft

Marion Cotillard, world renowned French actress and a regular at the festival, is one of the star attractions of the festival this year. Her film ‘Evil Peter’ directed by Nicole Garcia, another reputed French director, has been turning some eyeballs in the film town.

Also making appearance will be the director of ‘Annie Hall’, Woody Allen. The humorous director will be in town for the projection of his latest film ‘Cafe Society’ featuring Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg and Blake Lively.

However, it’s Kristen Stewart who has stole the limelight. According to Thierry Fremaux the actress will be the ‘Queen of Cannes’ with two of her films on show. Other than ‘Cafe Society’, Stewart has starred in French director Olivier Assayas’ film ‘Personal Shopper’. Both the films are much anticipated and the latter touted to win Palme d’Or.

Jodie Foster, the actress who played ‘Iris’ in 1976 cult film ‘Taxi Driver’ starring Robert DeNiro and directed by Martin Scorsese, will be making an appearance in the festival in a different role as the director of ‘Money Monster’ starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

Making the festival truly a blue moon this year is the appearance of Sean Penn. He will be exhibiting his latest directorial pursuit starring the beautiful Charlize Theron in the lead. ‘The Last Face’ by Penn will tell the story of aid workers engaged in Africa and elsewhere.

Away from the soil of Hollywood, the quintessential British Director Ken Loach will also grace the occasion with his latest venture ‘I, Daniel Blake’. The film starring Dave Johns in the title role and Hayley Squires as the female lead tells the story of a breadwinner being forced to live on government dolls.

Apart from the stars, many prominent directors are also going to attend this year annual extravaganza at Cannes.

The master of silver screen, Steven Spielberg, will make an appearance with his new project ‘The Big Friendly Giant’. The movie will be an adaption of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book with a tinge of Spielberg magic.

Pedro Almodovar for his film ‘Julieta’, and Dardenne brothers for their film “The Unknown Girl” are the most anticipated. Earlier, Almodovar had cancelled all promotions related to his new film after Panama Papers named the leading French director.

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