Careem’s Connecting UAE Campaign: Bridging Emirati Heritage with Modern Culture

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Careem, a pioneer of the region’s ride-hailing economy has released a series of inspirational videos showcasing how UAE based talented individuals from two different generations connect in music, fashion, racing and food industries.

It’s no secret that the UAE has gone through rapid change. After all, it is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. This is awesome but it’s also important to remember where we came from.

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Careem was born in the UAE and we are part of its story of innovation and change. Our team here at Careem was eager to develop content that spoke to the citizens and residents of the UAE, by either showing them or reminded them of UAE’s heritage.

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We’ve all been part of rapid growth environments and know that in those times, we unconsciously tend to focus on the future, overlook the past, and rarely live in the present moment.

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And that’s how the concept of Connecting UAE came to life – we wanted to connect the traditional and modern UAE, which is what the country is offering all of us.

This campaign hits close to home for many of the team members behind the idea, as they have been born and raised in the UAE. They have been exposed to UAE’s heritage back in the ’80s and ’90s and have seen the country prosper to where it is today.

We’ve decided to showcase this through a series of 4 mini-episodes, in which we have managed to connect 8 different individuals and featured their incredible talents from two different generations in music, fashion, racing and food industries.

We are connecting the past with the present, the modern with the traditional. By bridging Emirati heritage with UAE’s modern culture, we can learn from the past and start exploring new, exciting possibilities.

Designer Reema Al Banna of Reemami says, “I’m born and raised in the UAE, and it’s my second home and has always been the base for Reemami, its where I started the brand’s journey! I was always intrigued to look into Emirati fashion and tradition but never really had the chance to, and when Careem approached me with this idea, I was thrilled!”

“Meeting the incredible Umm Ahmed and understanding the art of Talli was so inspiring! This could be the start of mixing the art of Talli with my contemporary designs! Umm Ahmed on the other hand and I had so much to share! She has so much passion and a very good eye for mixing prints and colors!”, she said.

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