Cashy’s UAE Saves Week – Day 5 is ‘Cash Savvy Kid Thursday’

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It’s Cash Savvy Kid Thursday! Did you make a budget plan with your child? Have you involved them in the thought-process behind their allowance?

Get creative – snap a pic of you and your kid with your new budget plan!

Share a picture of you and your child to our community and encourage other parents to give their kids more lessons about financial responsibility.

Around 84% of kids taking part felt that their school didn’t do enough to teach them about money matters. Isn’t it time we started teaching these lessons at home?

So what do I need to do?

Pose for a quick pic with your child and their budget or allowance plan, upload and become a UAE Saves Week champion!

What’s it all about?

Cash Savvy Kid Thursday is about empowering a younger generation with the tools they need for financial freedom – early enough that these ‘lessons’ form the foundations for good habits in later life.
Behaviours we learn to emulate as children stay with us for the duration of our lives and it’s no secret that kids who grow up with financial literacy are more able to handle money matters in their futures.

So sit down with your little ones today and involve them in the small things – their allowance, where their money goes, how much the groceries cost!

To find out more about why Cash Savvy Kid Thursday is important, click here.
To find out more about our campaign goals, click here.

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