Cashy’s UAE Saves Week – Day 6 is ‘Make a Pledge Friday’

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It’s Make a Pledge Friday! What have you pledged? What’s your savings goal?

Let’s go – we want to see you with your written pledges!

Share a snap of you holding your written pledge and make your savings goal known to our community so that we can support you!

A lot of people give up on their savings dreams because they don’t put the plans in writing to make them happen. Sound familiar? Act on your ‘dreams’ and make them into goals today!

So what do I need to do?

Make a pledge, write it down, upload a picture of you and your promise and become a UAE Saves Week champion!

What’s it all about?

Make a Pledge Friday is the time to make your dreams into concrete, achievable goals.

Ever wanted to own property abroad? Travel the world? Buy a vintage car? Today is the day you decide FOR GOOD that you’re doing it – and make the necessary savings to get there!

Make a budget plan and a timescale by which you want to achieve your pledge, and watch that dream get closer every day you stick to it!

To find out more about why Make a Pledge Friday is important, click here.
To find out more about our campaign goals, click here.

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